Brighton i360 photography Pecha Kucha talk at Talent Pool

I’ve been asked by Viva Brighton Magazine to give a Pecha Kucha talk at their new event Talent Pool. On the evening there will be a series of talks from different Brighton creative types who will be talking about their creative process. I’ll be talking about the work I’ve been doing for the Brighton i360 and how I was offered the opportunity of working for them.


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Miniaturesque Slinkachu Exhibition at Andipa Gallery London

‘Miniaturesque’ is an exhibition showing new work created in London by Photographer / Street artist Slinkachu. Slinkachu builds little worlds with model people sometimes with a dark comedic narrative, if you like Modern Toss and David Shrigley you will love his work. Most of the actual artworks that Slinkachu make are left in the environments they were created for. The only permanent record of his work are the photographs he shoots.

The Jetty - Southbank, London 2014

The Jetty – Southbank, London 2014 by Slinkachu

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Time-lapse of the The Brighton i360 Progress

As part of an ongoing commission to document the construction of the Brighton i360 I’ve been shooting a long term time-lapse of its building site. I’ve set up a camera that has been taking a picture every 10 minutes from the start in July 2014 to February 2015. It’s now shot over 25,000 images. The edit I’ve made excludes weekends, holidays and nights, although I’ve included three nights when they were working 24 hours a day to divert a sewer.

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Art Ninja Episode: Day of the Lucky Trunks on iPlayer for the next two weeks

Last month I made my debut on CBBC’s Art Ninja. This children’s art show follows the artistic adventures of Ricky AKA The Art Ninja. In the episode i’m in ‘Day of the lucky trunks‘ Ricky comes to Brighton and enlists the help of some local kids and myself to make a seaside themed photographic montage.

Kevin Meredith lomokev on CBBC Art Ninja Day of the Lucky Trunks

It was hot in the costume!

You can now watch the episode on the BBC iPlayer for the next two weeks here. Or if you’re not impressed with my presenting skills you can watch my Daughter’s favorite episode which does not feature me ‘Day of the Goblins‘.

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Brighton i360 progress – Cif factory visit photographs

As part of a commission to document the construction of the Brighton i360 I went to Holland to see the progress being made on the tower. The Brighton i360 is an observation tower designed by the same architects that conceived of the London Eye. To a casual observer it may look like all that has happened in the past 8 months on the i360 site is that mud has been moved around. Actually a lot has been going on including the redirection of a victorian sewer, redirection electricity supply and in the past few weeks the start of the digging of the foundations. So far visually it’s not been massively exciting. What was exciting to me was visiting a factory in Holland to document the progress being made on the actual tower. Sif has been contracted by the engineering firm Hollandia to build the tower. Sif specialises in making large rounded steel structures like wind turbine towers. I tagged along with a Hollandia engineer as he inspected the welds on the tower’s components, while there I got to see some the of processes that are going into making up the i360 tower.

Inside the Brighton i360 in Holland

Inside a section of the Brighton i360 tower. Each section is about 12 meters long and will bolted together on site.

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Salt and Silver at the Tate Britain London

After taking a look around ‘Time, Conflict, Photography’ at the Tate Modern I hopped on a bus (you can also take the boat) and headed down to the Tate Britain to look at their other photo exhibition ‘Salt and Silver’. The Tate Britain is displaying 90 Salted paper prints, salted paper prints are one of the earliest forms of photography. The medium was invented by William Henry Fox Talbot in 1839 which was a mere 11 years after the first permanent photograph was taken. Due to their fragile nature very few of the original prints still exist today and this is the first exhibition to show just Salted paper prints.

Cantinére by Roger Fenton and Captain Mottram Andrews by Roger Fenton 1855

Left: Cantinére by Roger Fenton – 1855
Right: Captain Mottram Andrews by Roger Fenton – 1855

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Conflict, Time, Photography at the Tate Modern London

I must admit ‘Conflict, Time, Photography‘ at the Tate Modern was not what I had expected. Before attending the exhibition I had not heard anything about it, all I knew was that the Tate had curated an exhibition of conflict photography. I expected it to be brimming with iconic war photography like Nick Ut’s The Terror of War (commonly referred to as Napalm Girl). But apart from Roger Fenton’s The Valley of the Shadow of Death and Don McCullin’s shell-shocked US marine it was all pretty new to me.

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Flickr favourites guest post for the Flickr blog

At the start of the year Flickr asked me to write a guest post for their blog showcasing seven images from my Flickr favourites. It was quite a difficult task as I’ve over 10,000 Flickr favourites (you can see a random selection from my favourites in this post). I did not look though them all as I only had to scratch the surface to find some great images to write about. I chose my seven not because they where better than the rest, I chose them because they’re a diverse set of images most of which told a story.

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