Family Portraits With A Difference

The montage portraits I shoot are not just reserved for my trend spotting antics. I also shoot them of friends and family but most of the time it is reserved for the Street Style section of Brighton Source Magazine. Recently I was commission to shoot a set of family portraits using the technique, it’s kind of switch as usually it’s me approaching other people on the street to get their portrait not the other way around.

family montage portraits

Mum, Dad, Daughter and Cousins all got in on the montage portrait action.

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Nine Recently Acquired Photography Books / Publications

This is A little run down of the photography books I’ve acquired, most of which I got by attending photographer’s talks and book launches which means I get to pick up rare photography books and don’t have to pay postage. Some of the books are readily available on amazon while others will be a little harder to get hold of. I have included links to where you can purchase the books but my little tip go for the none Amazon books as they are the rarer and more likely to sellout in the short term.

Photography books by J A Mortram, Stuart Griffiths, Giles Duley Leonard, Freed Iain, McKell Simon, Roberts Jason, Larkin Ewen, Spencer Martin, Parr Antonio and Zazueta Olmos

If this leaves you hungry for more check out my other photo book recommendations in these blog posts: Three recently acquired photographic publications by Jim Mortram, MiniClick and Tom Groves and Three recently acquired photo books by Maciej Dakowicz, Martin Parr and Sam Hiscox Continue reading

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Featured “Analogue Tribes” Article in the The Quarterly Magazine

Quarterly Magazine is an Ethical publication in that once it has covered its costs the profit from selling the issues is divided between everyone involved in the issue. The second issue’s printing was covered by a Kickstarter campaign and they don’t carry any advertising, it’s just pure wall to wall content.

The Quarterly Magazine Analogue Tribes`

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Spilt Strap – Neoprene Camera Strap Review

As far as camera accessories go a camera strap is not as sexy as a prime lens with an über wide aperture or a carbon fibre tripod. But if your camera, lens and flash combination is above a certain weight a comfortable camera strap is a necessity. I find it quite surprising that straps that come with high end DSLRs are really cheap, uncomfortable and tend to be more of a camera advert than a strap.

split strap attached to DLSR camera

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Two Hours on Croyde Bay Building a Sandcastle Time-lapse

In June of this year I shot a time-lapse that I deemed a failure after I first shot it. The original idea was to build a sandcastle and time it just right so that it would capture the incoming tide washing the castle away. Unfortunately I misjudged the tide line and the sea stopped five meters short of our castle. I left the camera running and it captured some kids destroying the castle which worked out well in the end. The sound on this time-lapse is from John Sipos, I found it on an awesome copyright free sound website called

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Dealing With Missing Files / Folders and Working With External Hard drives in Lightroom Tutorial

One of the most common complaints I hear about Lightroom is that it looses links to photos. This usually comes about by user error and is not a problem with Lightroom itself. I for one have been using Lightroom since the first version six years ago and have never had a problem with unlinked files. Users that usually have these problems are working with external drives and to be fair I don’t use Lightroom with external storage as I have a desktop computer with four internal hard drives.

Adobe Lightroom 5 library

As a test eight months ago I imported a bunch of Lisa’s photos of Chester the cat to a USB memory stick, sometimes I plug the thumb drive in and other times I leave it unplugged, sometimes for months. Every time I plug the drive back in I am happy to report that the photos of Chester are safe and present in the library, this all worked even after the upgrade from Lightroom 4 to 5. If you follow the tips in this tutorial then, like me, you should not have anymore problems with lost files in Lightroom.

If you want to learn more about how to use Lightroom you should take a look at one of my most popular posts: How To Organise Your Lightroom Library. I have also posted my Five Hidden Tips for LightroomNine More Hidden Tips For Adobe Lightroom 5 and How To Find Instagram Images In Lightroom. Continue reading

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Double Exposure app: Dubble for the iPhone review

Film swapping is something that has been going on in the analog / film side of photography for a some time. Film swappers shoot film and then send it to someone else, who will then run the already exposed film through their camera. This doubling up makes for 36 exposures of serendipitous goodness. The beauty is that neither party knows what they’re gonna get.

With the release of Dubble for the iOS we can all experience a bit of photographic serendipity with our iPhone pics. The app is used to shoot photos or upload them from the film strip, once the image is in Dubble it will be randomly superimposed with another user’s image. Continue reading

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Lou O’Belam Photographic Journal Interview

I’ve been interviewed a few times, sometimes by large news organizations and sometimes by small blogs and students but the recent interview I did with Lou O’Belam for The Photographic Journal is one of my favorites. I had a great conversation with Lou over the course of a few hours and I am really pleased with the result.

Kevin Meredith aka lomokev Interview The Photographic Journal

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