Aardman Animation

I was commission to shot a series of images at Aardman Animation’s studio for Campaign Magazine for a piece about creative buildings. Aardman based in Bristol is the animation studio behind Morph, Wallis and Gromit and Creature Comforts.

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Aardman Animation Central Atrium

The building has a large open space in the middle the goes up all three floors.

Wallace in the hallways of Aardamn Aardman

Some familiar characters are dotted around Aardman's building.

Aardman Animation model making workshop

Morph and Top Bun van from Wallace and Gromit: 'A Matter of Loaf and Death'.

Frank the Tortoise From Creature Comforts

Frank the tortoise from Creature Comforts.

Gromit model being worked on

One of the many Gromit modules being worked on.

The Pirates Ship Aardman entrance hall

The pirate ship from Aardman's feature film 'Pirates! Band of Misfits' on show in reception.

Head of Aardman Model Making workshop

Head of Aardman's model workshop.

Aardman gallery

Aardman production artwork and sketches on show.

Aardman Animation Wallace and Gromit Top Bun Windmill And Helta Skelta

Various props from Aardman productions are dotted around the building. The windmill and helta skelta are from Wallace and Gromit films.

Aardman Animations Wallace and Gromit top bun windmill

Set pieces from A Wallice and Gommit Matter of Loaf and Death

Aardman Animation Large Props

Prop from the largest stop motion film ever made. It’s from a very impressive Nokia ad check it out on YouTube also the making of is well worth a look to.

Student on internship animating Morph

Student on internship animating Morph


Aardman all started with Morph.

Aardman office

Digital team sourcing images.

Animator at work

2D Animator at work



Fingerprint portraits in the Aardman canteen

Fingerprint portraits in the Aardman canteen

Aardman screening room

Aardman's 40 seater screening room.

Aardman Animations Render Farm

Aardman my be know for the claymation but they animate in all styles included 3D computer animation. They utilise a Mighty render farm to produce 3D animation.

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