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All of the contributors apart from one was sourced from Flickr so all the contributors listed here have an AKA after there name thats the flickr name. Please bear in mind that this page was first published in June 2010 so some of the details are a little out of date although I have tried to keep peoples website links up to date.

Ruby May Allcock aka ruby may

ruby_may_allcockRuby May is currently concluding A-level photography in Brighton and plans to study fashion photography at university. Ruby has shot headline acts at major venues and festivals in the UK, including Glastonbury. She also works as a photographer for a Brighton listings magazine

Alex Bamford aka big bambooly

Working as an art director in some of London’s foremost advertising agencies, Alex Bamford has spent the last 25 years creating images for major brands. More recently he’s been heading into the night to create images for his own amusement.

Hailey Bartholomew aka poppysmiles

Hailey Bartholomew’s endearing visual style is influenced by her genuine desire to communicate and delight with color, positivity, and hope. An award-winning stills photographer, Hailey has also written, directed, and filmed several award-winning short films.

Adam Bronkhorst aka the brownhorse

Adam’s photography has been published in books, magazines, and newspapers around the world, and has featured in solo and group exhibitions. Adam is a professional freelance wedding and corporate photographer. He also trains other photographers in flash photography, wedding photography, and film cameras. Adam has an unhealthy love for film cameras and never leaves the house without at least two on him.

Mona T. Brooks aka macaby

In 2003 Mona married her soulmate, quit her corporate job, moved to San Francisco, and started photography school at the Academy of Art University. Her photography resume reads off the who’s who in US progressive politics, from President Barack Obama and former President Bill Clinton to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Mona’s work can be seen in San Francisco Magazine, Augenzeuge Magazine, Le Monde, and Rome’s Europa newspaper.

Darren Constantino

For Darren Constantino, photography is a hobby. He likes to photograph the landscapes around his home in northeastern Ohio, USA, using pinhole and digital cameras. He is indebted to his wife for her patience with his photography during their travels.

Gianluca Fabrizio aka Shotbart

Self-taught photographer Gianluca Fabrizio began his serious digging into photography in late 2006. He explored the stunning world of macro photography with his Lilliput series, and has since concentrated more on portraits. Whatever he shoots, he loves the result to be evocative.

Ricardo Mendonça Ferreira

Ricardo Mendonça Ferreira is a Brazilian software engineer and photographer with a passion for taking aerial pictures, especially using kites. He has published his work and participated in aerial photography events in Brazil, the USA, and the UK.

Lisa Garner (now Bamford) aka lissyloola

Lisa Bamford is a self-employed graphic designer and owner of Stoats & Weasels. She finds inspiration in the unusual things and people around her and finds photography a great way of recording it. She enjoys the freedom that digital photography gives her, but can’t help loving film and her film cameras that little bit more.

Alexis Gerard

Alexis Gerard founded imaging technology think tank Future Image in 1991. He subsequently founded, and chairs, the 6Sight® Future of Imaging executive conference. He coauthored the book Going Visual and is a member of the International Advisory Council of the George Eastman House. A passionate photographer since the 1970s, he started shooting digitally in the early 1990s. He prefers small cameras that he can carry with him at all times.

Steph Goralnick aka sgoralnick

A photographer and graphic designer living in Brooklyn, New York, Steph enjoys documenting wacky New York events, throwing ridiculous theme parties, and traveling to faraway lands. Her work has been published in Adbusters Magazine, The Village Voice, and Imbibe Magazine; and featured in the We Are All Photographers Now exhibition at the Musée de l’Elysée in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Kevin Mason

Photography ruined Kevin’s life. He has been shooting full time since 2002, but has been obsessed with taking photos for much longer. Published many times, with work ranging from fashion to documentary-portrait work, he is most interested in photographing the people he meets in his ordinary day. Kevin shoots because he likes to make fictional narratives and present them as truth.

Kevin Meredith aka lomokev

Kevin Meredith is an evangelist for the use of simple compact film cameras, although he is not a stranger to digital. His obsessions with food, shoes, and swimming have won him commissions with Dr. Martens, the Victoria & Albert Museum, London, The Times newspaper (UK), and The National Gallery, London. He became well known in Internet circles when he joined flickr as an early adopter in 2004. His first book, Hot Shots, was published by RotoVision in 2008, and has since been translated into Spanish, Polish, Estonian, and Chinese. Kevin now teaches photography privately all over the world.

Russ Morris

Russ Morris has been shooting through the viewfinder (TtV) since May 2006. Inspired by the work of the earliest members of the flickr Through the Viewfinder group, he spent six months experimenting with the medium, discovering ways to apply his personal touch to these unique photos taken using two cameras. His online tutorial is regarded as the resource for learning how TtV is done.

Michael O’Neal aka moneal

Michael O’Neal lives in San Francisco, but commutes to Cupertino for his job as an Associate Creative Director at Apple. Michael brings the perspective of having art directed famous photographers, but is himself a photographer and lover of all things Polaroid.

Tracy Packer aka Trapac

Tracy has a great variety of mostly cheap—and often old—film cameras, many held together with Blu-tack and electrical tape. She carries several with her at all times, even to university where she is currently (2009) undertaking a BA (Hons) in photography to help launch her second career.

Meg Pickard

Meg Pickard is an inveterate photographer who carries at least one image-capturing tool with her wherever she goes (four if you count her eyes and brain). Though self-taught, her photos have appeared in print and ad campaigns, as well as online. Her favorite camera is whichever she happens to be holding at the time, but she particularly loves squeezing interesting shots out of lo-fi devices, including phones and toy cameras.

Dan Smith aka shoegazer

Dan Smith has been shooting with a Lomo LC-A since 1999. He is residing in northern California while he photographs the Golden State from border to border with a collection of toy cameras ranging from plastic medium-format to panoramic swing-lens cameras. In early 2010 he moved to the UK for the next phase of his photographic journey.

Ásmundur Thorkelsson

A food microbiologist from Iceland who mostly shoots landscape on his 30-minute commute to work, Ásmundur’s work has appeared in books, magazines, and newspapers.

Laura Thorne aka Laura Mary

Laura Thorne rarely leaves home without a camera, plucked at random from her large collection. She shoots photos of all things from all angles, documenting a bright, colorful, and fun perspective on life. Laura has organized and contributed to exhibitions for both Xynthetic, an art/photography/skateboarding collective, and flickr.

Trevor Williams aka tdub303

A Canadian, who has been lost in Japan for the last eight years, Trevor is busy during the day, which leaves him time only for shooting at night. His night shots have led to him being featured in the light-painting documentary, Luminary, and on Japanese television. He exhibits his works at various galleries in Japan.