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Flickr favourites guest post for the Flickr blog

At the start of the year Flickr asked me to write a guest post for their blog showcasing seven images from my Flickr favourites. It was quite a difficult task as I have over 10,000 Flickr favourites (you can see a random selection from my favourites in this post). I did not look though them all as I only had to scratch the surface to find some great images to write about. I chose my seven not because they where better than the rest, I chose them because they’re a diverse set of images most of which told a story.

lomokev's flickr favorites

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Montage Portraits featured in Hungry Eye

My montage portraits are currently featured in the new issue of Hungry Eye. Last year Anton interviewed me and filmed me shooting some of my montage portraits for his new documentary film series Analogue Tribes (which you can see here). He has now turned our discussion into an article. Hungry Eye is a quarterly so it will be available until September 2014, look out for it in all good news agents.

Kevin Meredith Montage Portraits in Hungry Eye Magazine

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Lou O’Belam Photographic Journal Interview

I’ve been interviewed a few times, sometimes by large news organizations and sometimes by small blogs and students but the recent interview I did with Lou O’Belam for The Photographic Journal is one of my favorites. I had a great conversation with Lou over the course of a few hours and I am really pleased with the result.

IKevin Meredith aka lomokev Interview The Photographic Journal

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Interviewed by the BBC about 20 years of Lomography

I have been interviewed by the BBC’s online magazine for an article that coincides with the 20th anniversary of Lomography. It’s quite nice to see that another Brighton photographer, Toby Mason, has also been interviewed for the piece; Brighton represent! The article was written by Stephen Dowling, the same journalist that interviewed me on the subject of Instagram in April this year. You can read the BBC’s Lomography article here and I thought it would be nice to post my responses to Stephen’s questions in full in case you’re curious to read more.

BBC News - Magazine - 20 years of Lomograhpy

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Interviewed for BBC article on Instagram

Instagram has been all over the news recently with the announcement that it’s being purchased by Facebook for one billion dollars. If by some small chance you don’t know what Instagram is you can read a review I wrote here. Stephen Dowling wrote a piece for the BBC online magazine titled “Has Instagram made everyone’s photos look the same?”. I was one of the Instagram users he interviewed, you can read the article in full here. I thought it would be nice to post my responses to Stephen’s questions in full in case you’re curious for more.

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Recent interviews with The Set Up, Focus Media and

In the last few months I have have been interviewed three times by Dutch magazine Focus, and The Setup.

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Advanced Photographer Magazine and other press

As well as my monthly spot in Brighton Source magazine, I have a little how-to article in the April issue of Advanced Photographer magazine (UK). It’s an article on how to shoot unique portraits, they have covered my montage portraits. It’s the current issue, see it and read more on my blog or just go and buy the mag. It is in W H Smiths or the other usual outlets.

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Hot Shots course article in the Independent

Chris Leadbeater wrote an article on Brighton and my Hot Shots course for last weekend’s Independent. Chris was going to join a weekend course but being a travel writer he was away when I was running one. Instead I gave … Continue reading

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