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About half of the photographs in Toy Cameras are made up from 42 contributors. Below are some of the contributors mini-bio’s and links to where else you can find them on the web. This list is a bit short as I am still waiting for bio info from some of the contributors.

Ben Birk

Ben was born in Pennsylvania and now lives in Lake Tahoe, CA.  He mostly shoots snowboarding and enjoys riding his snowmobile.  Says he’s not a photographer but just likes taking sick photos.

Chawee Busayarat

Chawee is a self-taught photographer from Thailand, currently studying and working as a historical architect in France. He began his interest in photography in 2005 as a lomographer and toy-camera lover. Right now he is concentrated more on pinhole photography and alternative processes.

James Butler aka slimmer_jimmer

James Butler loves toy cameras, the simpler the better. He was an early adopter of the Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim and enjoys hacking and modifying them, and collaborating on double exposure projects with other film photographers around the world. His days are spent working in the animation industry in London, most recently on Peppa Pig.

Christopher Evans

Christopher Evans is from Vancouver, BC, Canada. A photographer since 1998, he specializes in using various vintage cameras, toy cameras and pinhole photography.

Tony Kemplen aka pho-Tony

Tony has been a photographer and camera collector for many years. In 2010 he embarked on a project to use a different film camera each week of the year. Now into the second year, it shows no sign of stopping! A Blurb book records the first year. He has a particular affection for the lo-fi and homemade, and has made and used a range of pinhole cameras, on Flickr under the name of Pin-Apple. (52 camera book) (52 camera blog) (52 camera project on Flickr) (pinhole photography on Flickr)

Aleksa Ramadanovic

Aleksa’s hometown-lomotown is Novi Sad in Serbia, he works as a professional cameraman/director of photography and is currently employed at the academy of fine arts. Analog photography and lomo are his loves as well as his hobby. He uses them to rediscover the world and people around him from new perspectives.

Paula Gimeno aka cuantofalta

Lives in Berlin, where she combines photography and graphic design. Co-founder in 2004 of “cuantofalta”, a spanish communication agency, she understands photography as something that allows her to play and experiment with the world.

Essie P. Graham

A self-taught photographer living in Plano,Texas.  Picked up my 1st camera while stationed in Germany, been hooked every since. I enjoy pictures that have a “mood” to them, and this is typically  what I strive for in my images.  I’m a film junkie!!  I love shooting any kind of film!

Edward Hannay

Edd Hannay is an independent web developer who was once described by as “an incredibly productive nerd”. He doesn’t have a photography biography, but his Gameboy camera photographs have been acclaimed as “quite good”.

Andrew Kua

A photography enthusiast from Singapore who discovered the hobby of photography ‘by accident’ and has since become a big fan of ‘alternative’ photography like Lomography, toy cameras and other forms of experimental/analogue photography. A big fan of the Lensbaby,  Andrew still shoots digital but loves analogue photography way more. Working in the IT industry to keep food on the table and rolls of film in cameras, he constantly tries to find time to blog about photography as well as life being a daddy in this blog.

Jim Nowlin aka Evil Jim

Jim has been viewing the world through his Nintendo Game Boy Camera ever since it was the newest & coolest thing around. As a hobbyist & enthusiast, he enjoys exploiting the tiny digital camera’s limitations to create unique & interesting pictures. Having taught himself anaglyph 3-D photography, he has also successfully taken what is quite possibly the world’s first 3-D Game Boy Camera photos.

Richard Ingram

Richard A Ingram is a musician based in Manchester, UK. He occasionally takes the odd photograph. And sometimes with a toy camera.

Duncan Holley

A convert to toy cameras and a re-convert to film came about 4 years ago and since then my collection of cameras has expanded from Holgas to include Dianas, Lubitels, Brownies with a flipped lens, Horizons and a variety of Pinholes. Throw in several Polaroids, including a Daylab and you have the whole arsenal. Domiciled in Southampton on the South Coast and recently forced into some sort of semi-retired status I am actively encouraging youngest daughter Ruby to pick up the plastic cudgel.

Gregor Locher aka BƛƬƲĐΐƧƮƐ

Works as a programmer in Cologne/Germany, and when he’s not writing algorithms, he runs around with his selection of old and new analogue cameras and captures places and moments of his world on film.

Mario Perez aka molotovito

Mario Perez is a designer for an engineering company and photography is a hobby. He likes to photograph, paint and collect urban vinyl toys. Lately he has been using his iPhone to photograph, using the Hipstamatic app.

Eric Petersen

I am a self-taught photographer that will try and use any camera I come across, including one’s ordered off the backs of breakfast foods. I love the different possibilities that each toy camera brings to an image. I’m currently living in Minneapolis, MN where I divide my time between shooting film as much as possible and working my day job as a freelance web designer.

Jeff Phaner

Jeff moved up to Montreal from France to start a career in graphic design and to discover a new passion : Plastic lens photography.He later found that sometime accidents make great visuals, like pineapple on a pizza.

Jennifer Miller AKA Ron J. Añejo

A lost gal from Florida decided to go for the snow in Canada, and as of this writing is currently living in Montreal, Quebec. Since coming up to the Great White North, she discovered the freedom of photography; that she could indeed draw AND the big M–Motherhood. She is working on all three careers at once and there’s no manual for any of it, except for the camera, but what use is that? Help!

Jason Swain

Jason Swain is a visual artist / photographer based on the Isle of Wight on England’s south coast. Specializing in fine art landscapes and action / lifestyle photography with the common theme of the islands beautiful coastline

Yusuke Tadika aka golden.punk.arrow

Yusuke works as an architecture in Tokyo. He mainly uses A Rolleiflex3.5F, NewFM2, and D90….. and iPhone. The photography is an extra of his life. It is a happy extra.

Martin Thoburn

Martin is a pluralist artist working in a variety of different media. Working with both modern and antique technologies sometimes in tandem his work explores the uniqueness of the medium, technology, or tool.

Wei-I Lee

Born and lives in Taipei City.
He takes pictures, publishes zines and books, and makes home videos.