I will be give a short talk about shooting the construction of the i360 at ‘Modern Brighton & Hove’

On the Wednesday 29th of November I will be giving a short talk about my work documenting the construction of the British Airways i360 at ‘Modern Brighton & Hove’. I will be joined by fellow photographer Rob Orchard who will be talking about his project were he  photographing every single pub in Brighton and Hove. In all there will be four short talks which will be followed by a panel discussion Kate Cheyne (University of Brighton), Claire Potter and Architectural Photographer Jim Stephenson (founder of MiniClick).

Construction of the British Airways i360 taken July 2015

The event takes place on Wednesday the 29th of November at 6pm at:
Hove Town Hall
Tisbury Road

The event is free to attend simply register here.

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Photos from Lady Diana’s Funeral 1997

Twenty years ago today in September 1997 I went to London with my mother to Lady Diana’s Funeral (obviously we did not go the ceremony at Westminster Abbey). Instead of jostling for a position on the funeral cortège’s route, we decided to head to Hyde Park where big screens had been erected to show the funeral service.

Funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales

Crowd in Hyde Park for Lady Diana’s funeral. I’m assuming the lady on the right and guy in all denim are mother and son.

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Martin Parr’s Beach Therapy at the Rocket Gallery

This week I went to the opening of Martin Parr’s new exhibition ‘Beach Therapy’ which show cases Parr’s latest work documenting the beaches of the UK, Italy, Spain and Argentina. In the past three years he has been utilising a telephoto lens to shoot subjects from a distance, this is quite a departure form his usually way working. The use of a telephoto lens flattens the perspective and creates playful juxtapositions with blurred subjects in the foreground to create something quite different from his previous work.

Martin Parr GB England Kent Isle of Thanet Broadstairs 2014

England Kent Isle of Thanet Broadstairs 2014.© Martin Parr / Rocket Gallery

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‘British Airways i360: How it was Built’ exhibition

An exhibition charting the construction of the British Airways i360 has opened at the British Airways i360. The British Airways i360 is the tallest, most slender moving observation tower in the world and was designed and built by the team responsible for the London Eye. Along with Photographer Gary Eastwood, I documented the construction of the i360 from June 2014 until it was completed in August 2016.

British Airways i360 spherical panorama by Kevin Meredith

360 spherical panorama of the i360 taken from Brighton beach during a low tide. This image is on display as a 2 meter square print, definitely worth checking out in the flesh even if I do say so myself!

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Brighton and Hove Calendar 2017 now available

The Brighton and Hove calendar 2017 is now available, this is second year that Finn Hopson of the Brighton Photography gallery has producing the calendar since taking it over. The calendar is comprised of the work of local Brighton Photographers including two  of my images.

Brighton and Hove Calendar cover 2017 – Cover image by Finn Hopson

Brighton and Hove Calendar 2017 cover by Finn Hopson

There is also images from some other great Brighton photographers including: Roger Bamber, Alex Bamford, Warren Sebastian, Paul Cahill, Darryl Cousins, Simon Dack, Finn Hopson, Paul Mansfield, Chris Mole, Jon Simmons and David Smith. Continue reading

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PE lesson at the London Photographers Gallery

It’s been a while since one of my email updates, I’ve been really busy on lots of projects so I’ve not had time to write a regular updates. This is just a quick email to let you know that I will be teaching a PE lesson at the Photographers Gallery London on Sunday June 19th . MiniClick is turning one of the rooms at the Photographers Gallery in to a school for the ‘School of MiniClick‘ from Friday the 17th to Sunday the 18th. Lots of different photography related lessons will be taking place.

Mr Baxter - Grange Hill's PE teacher

Mr Baxter – Grange Hill’s PE teacher

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Fox Talbot: Dawn of the Photograph at the London Science Museum’s Media Space

The show is a perfect marriage between science and photography. Fox Tolbot was a scientist, photographer and entrepreneur who invented the photographic negative in 1835 which was a huge leap forward in photographic technology. The negative meant that unlimited photos could easily be produced from one negative. Before Talbot’s negative the first commercially available photographic process, the daguerreotype, produced one-off images on silver plated copper. Talbot’s invention brought photography closer to what we think of it today, a medium where duplication is embedded into its core.

Nelsons column under construction by William Henry Fox Talbot - 1843

Nelsons column under construction by William Henry Fox Talbot – 1843

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Tap Takeover Beer festival beer mat photography exhibition

One of my images of Dave Sawyers has been printed on a beer mat along with 9 other photographers work for the Brighton Tap Takeover beer festival. The 10 different beer matts will be on the tables of 10 Brighton pubs over the weekend (9th-10th April), if you visit all the pubs you can collect a full set (maybe stick to half pints, drink responsibly and all that). The beer mats were curated by The Photocopy club and MiniClick talks.

kevin meredith beer mat tap takeover

My beer mats are on the tables of the Hope and Ruin

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