Bramptons Butchers

Bramptons the butchers have been trading in Kemptown Brighton for over 100 years. Bramptons asked me to shoot a set images that they could use on social media to encourage people to vote for Bramptons in the Sussex Food Awards. I went along to there shop for an hour just after the pigs had be delivered. I am pleased to say that they were awarded the Best Butcher in Sussex for 2012! Photographing people in their work environment is something I really enjoy doing.

Pigs are delivered in halves cut down the middle of the animal with the head still attached.

Owner of Bramptons holding a pigs rear end

One of the things I learned documenting the butchers at Brampons is that when the pigs are delivered is that there kidneys are still attached.

Pakaged in the traditional mannor

Pig heads in the bacement fridge

Showing great restraint

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