Low Down

Changing the height that photographs are taken from can present a viewpoint that people are not used to seeing. This in turn can make images seem more interesting. All the images below were taken with camera either on the ground or very close to it. I wrote a chapter about low down photography in my 52 Photograph Projects book.

Japan 2001

Brighton 2010

San Fransisco 2009

California 2009

Brighton 2010

Barcelona 2010

Essaouira Morocco 2007

Brooklyn 2008

London 2011

Whitby 2001

Devon 2012

Berlin 2007

Brighton 2007

Brighton 2008

Brighton 2008

Bacalona 2010

Vienna sewer 2003

London 2010 (Graffiti by Pure Evil)

Los Angeles 2006

Brighton 2007

Venice Beach CA 2006

Brighton 2002

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