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The 52 subjects covered in 52 Photographic Projects / Photo Op are:

Shooting Concerts, Full-moon lighting, Children, Keeping inspired, Off-camera flash, Tilt-shift, Pinhole, Macro, Double exposures, Plane shots, Jump shots, Events, Working with models, Ricardo Mendonça Ferreira, Aerial: Kite shots, Portraits, Low-down, In the water, Landscapes, Everyday subjects, Zone-focus, Avoiding tourist clichés, Animals, Long exposures: Night, Silhouettes, Reflections, Time-lapse, Getting the right light, Cross-processing, Minimal, Architecture, Perspex reflections, Backgrounds, Shallow depth of field, Action sampling, People Montages, Black-and-White, Wide-angle, Colored flash, Panoramas, Camera tossing, Patterned bokeh, Long exposures: Day, Get an audience, TtV: Through the viewfinder, Polaroids, Redscale, Camera phones, Sprocket-hole, HDR: (High Dynamic Range), Cut-outs in-camera, Light painting, Star trails