Flickr favourites guest post for the Flickr blog

At the start of the year Flickr asked me to write a guest post for their blog showcasing seven images from my Flickr favourites. It was quite a difficult task as I’ve over 10,000 Flickr favourites (you can see a random selection from my favourites in this post). I did not look though them all as I only had to scratch the surface to find some great images to write about. I chose my seven not because they where better than the rest, I chose them because they’re a diverse set of images most of which told a story.

I you look through my Flickr favorites you will see that Flickr is definitely not dead as there is still loads of interesting work being posted there on a daily basis (Flickr not being dead is something I recently wrote about here). One of my top tips for discovering new work on Flickr would be to delve in the Favorites of a Flickr user whose work you admire to see what that they like, be warned though you can lose hours doing it. You can read the post I wrote for the Flickr blog here and you can see my favourites here.


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