Advanced Photographer Magazine and other press

As well as my monthly spot in Brighton Source magazine, I have a little how-to article in the April issue of Advanced Photographer magazine (UK). It’s an article on how to shoot unique portraits, they have covered my montage portraits. It’s the current issue, see it and read more on my blog or just go and buy the mag. It is in W H Smiths or the other usual outlets.

I also have a lengthy interview in the online magazine Retro, which can be read on the issue website. Retro interviewed me about my new Toy Cameras book, it’s quite a hefty article so maybe you should save it for a bit of lunchtime reading. I have about half of my stock of Toy Camera books left, once they’re gone I won’t be able to sell them for the same price as Amazon! So order now if you want a signed book at the Amazon matched price, more details here.

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