Montage portraits in the March issue of Source

The March issue of Brighton Source Magazine is out now which means it’s time to check out my street style section once again. The new issue has less pages so unfortunately some things have been cut including some record reviews and the street style extra sections. This means there will only be one street style image in the mag. For the foreseeable future the only place you will be able to see the other shots I have taken that month with be on my blog and my montage portrait flickr set.

If you want to try out this style of shooting yourself check out the chapter I wrote in my book Photo Op / 52 Photographic Projects about how to shoot your own montage portraits. You can download that chapter as a PDF here. If you want to get the other 51 chapters it might be a bit tricky as the UK version of the book is now out of print until May. Read more about how you might still be able to get hold of it in this blog post.

Below is the shot for the March Issue plus the unused images at a higher resolution than you will see them on Flickr and, depending on you screen size, maybe larger than they appear in the mag!

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One Response to Montage portraits in the March issue of Source

  1. gordon says:

    There is something wonderful about creating a representation of someone or something from a collection of parts where the units that make up the whole are visible.

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