Life and Leisure in Shoreham by Sea

Life and Leisure is an exhibition by Justin Sainsbury and Andrew Barns being held in an empty shop in Shoreham by Sea. On show is a 100 frameless prints captured around the south of England.

Justin visited a number of ‘niche’ hobby events across the South of England like Deadwood – a western pioneer town in a wood just off the A24 and War and Peace Show near Paddocks Wood witch is the largest World War Two vehicle living history event in the world. He documents the the assuming situations that present themselves when the 1940s collude with the 21st century like a Nazi hanging by the waltzers.

Its not just special events that he will shot, he will also spend hours walking around Brighton looking for interesting situations that only last for the blink of an eye like a shot of a estate agent standing on a chair peering thought a window to get an interior shot.

You can find more or Justin Sainsbury’s work on his website and flickr.

Andrew has excessively shot his work for the exhibition on black and white film, the images displayed in this blog post don’t do them justice as these are digital photos of the prints. The don’t exist a digital files as they where all shot on film and printed in the dark room, he has not had a reason to scan them digitally. Its not often you go to show and see real black and white prints so that is a reason to go to the show in itself. He has shot the most of the his work for the exhibition when on his lunch hour, while most people are rushing around in the hour off he is in his own words “looking out for amusing, curious and poignant events”. When you see his images its hard to imagine coming across all that in an lunch hour, he clearly has a very observant eye.

Justin is not only old school in his use of black and white film but in that none of his work is online! He dose not even have a Flickr account so the only way you are going to see his fantastic body of work is to go to the show. That is until I convince him to get on Flickr!

The show is on for one more weekend and is well worth a look. If you are in Brighton you have no excuse!

Life and Leisure is on is open 10am-4pm Sat 19th and Sun 20th March at Workshop 1A
New Road (near Church in town)
BN43 6RA


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2 Responses to Life and Leisure in Shoreham by Sea

  1. Sapphire St. says:

    Estate agent, priceless shot! Bravo!

  2. Dar Barrow says:

    I used to work with ‘Barnsy’ at Amex and he was always running a little late and running off to lunch with his camera. When we worked together I was privileged to see his prints and talk to him about them, I’m so glad he’s now got them out there for public consumption.

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