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Twenty Years of Brighton Source Magazine exhibition

Source Magazine is celebrating it’s 20th birthday with photo exhibition of it’s cover photos, live music photos and some of my street style photos. For 15 years source was Brighton’s local listing magazine but was so much more than that, lots of Brighton based photographers and writers made it one of the best local mags I’ve ever seen. Sadly Source magazine printed is last paper edition in December 2013 but it continues on the web. From 2010 ’til the last issue I shot montage portraits of people on the streets of Brighton for Source’s street style section on one of my trusted Lomo LCAs. Continue reading

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Last of my Brighton Source Magazine Street Style Montage Portraits

If you follow my blog you will probably know that every so often I post a selection of the montage street style portraits that I shoot for Brighton Source Magazine. After seeing my montage portraits of the Phoot Camp attendees Source Magazine asked me to shoot their trend spotting section for the January 2010 issue as a guest spot. Four years later I was still trend spotting for them. Unfortunately after all that time Source has now ceased as a Magazine due to shrinking advertising revenues – you can read more about it on Source’s site here. It’s a massive loss for Brighton as Source was a champion of local talent. Their main editorial rule was that whatever or whoever is featured it had to be local to Brighton. Initially Source was going to carry on as an online entity but it looks like that will not happen as even without a full time staff they can’t make the website work with the available advertising revenue. I hope that James Kendall (editor) and all the other Source staff luck with their future endeavours.

Street Style portraits

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Six months of street style montages

Whenever I post montage portraits, I always start by saying I have been a little slack in posting them. This time round that is really true. I have six months’ worth to post so it’s a real best of the best. I shoot portraits of hip people around Brighton for Brighton Source Magazine’s street style section and then every so often I post them here. If you want to read about the featured peoples’ outfits you can read the words that go along with the pictures in the fashion section on the Source’s website.

6 months of street style in source magazine

I also have not posted any of the images to my Fragmented Portraits Tumblr for four months, but that’s about to change as I have lined up a post every three days till the end of January and this time round I will keep it going! If you’re into Tumblr, you can follow along here.

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Four months of Brighton street style

Brighton is about to get whole lot more fashion conscious in the upcoming days and it not just people wanting to look respectable for Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee. It’s also Brighton fashion week, so it’s seems like a good time to post the backlog of my montage portraits (published and unpublished) from the last four months of shooting for Brighton Source Magazine. If you would like more regular montage portrait updates check out my Fragmented Portraits Tumblr.

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Winter trend spotting for Brighton Source and their funky new website

Source Magazine takes a little break in January this means I have a little break from trend spotting. It’s a good thing to as trend spotting in the winter is a little difficult because everyone tends to wear long coats which covers up their styles.

Source have just relaunched there website, not only does it look nice it’s also really easy to find older content. I have been putting my montage portraits on my blogFlickr, and Tumblr but I only upload the images. Now you read the interviews that source have conducted with featured people all in one place on my author page on their site here.

This month features a male which is pretty unusual so I was really happy they picked the rather dapper Harry Watts fellow photographer and friend. Check him out and the other candidates below.

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Last street style spread for Brighton Source magazine in 2011

The December / January edition of Brighton Source Magazine is out with my usually Street Style section but this time I have three pages instead of the usually single page. The three pages show small selection of some of the un-printed shots form 2011 which is nice as some times I have bumper months and its a shame when certain portraits don’t get published. There will be no issue in January so this issue is way bigger than usually because it has to last until February 2012.

Brighton Source magazine spreads for December - January

As per usually you can see the all the images I shoot for Source in November below. You can always keep an eye on my montage portraits on my fragmented portraits tumblr or in my montage portraits flickr set.

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September Source Magazine street style

Brighton Source mag has once again hit the streets with one of my trend spotting pics inside, check it out if you are in Brighton. Its been a mouth since I started Fragmented Portraits my new Tumblr blog and I have already gained a few followers witch is nice. I have been uploaded new and old montage portraits to Fragmented Portraits. The beauty of this new blog is that the images are uploaded as PNGs which means that if you want to reblog them you will not get an ugly white border on Tumblr blogs that don’t have white backgrounds. But if Tumblr is not your thing you can still enjoy all the new images below and I will of course still be uploaded them to my Montage Portrait set on flickr.
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Three months of Source trend spotting + new tumblr blog

I have not posted any trend spotting pictures form Brighton Source mag in a while as I have been super busy. I have managed to save up 3 months worth for your viewing pleasure.

Usually I would say that the best place to see my trend spotting pictures is on this blog as you can view them larger that you can on  Flickr. But I have just started a new Tumblr blog called Fragmented Portraits where I will be slowly uploading all my montage portraits new and old. The beauty of this new blog is that the images are uploaded as PNGs witch means that if you want to reblog them you will not get an ugly white border on Tumblr blogs that don’t have white backgrounds. If you are one of them hip kids who are into Tumblr go ahead and give it a follow. I will of course still be adding them to my Montage Portrait set on flickr. I will also still be posting them to this blog once a month as well. Continue reading

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