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Smart Phone Photography Tips

This is an unabridged version of an article of phone photography tips I wrote for an in store magazine distributed by O2 in the UK. It came off the back of the video I made with O2 in 2012. I thought I would post it now before it goes out of date. I don’t really take photos on my phone anymore, even though I am an avid Instagram user (i’m @lomokev) I’ve been shooting with the Samsung NX 300 (review) and Olympus  OM-D E-M1 (review) that I can wirelessly transfer photos to smart phone for easy posting, wireless transfer is becoming a more common on newer cameras. I have also been taking it one step further with the Android powered Samsung Galaxy NX which you can post directly to the internet (review coming soon).

o2 guru article

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Four months of Brighton street style

Brighton is about to get whole lot more fashion conscious in the upcoming days and it not just people wanting to look respectable for Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee. It’s also Brighton fashion week, so it’s seems like a good time to post the backlog of my montage portraits (published and unpublished) from the last four months of shooting for Brighton Source Magazine. If you would like more regular montage portrait updates check out my Fragmented Portraits Tumblr.

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Winter trend spotting for Brighton Source and their funky new website

Source Magazine takes a little break in January this means I have a little break from trend spotting. It’s a good thing to as trend spotting in the winter is a little difficult because everyone tends to wear long coats which covers up their styles.

Source have just relaunched there website, not only does it look nice it’s also really easy to find older content. I have been putting my montage portraits on my blogFlickr, and Tumblr but I only upload the images. Now you read the interviews that source have conducted with featured people all in one place on my author page on their site here.

This month features a male which is pretty unusual so I was really happy they picked the rather dapper Harry Watts fellow photographer and friend. Check him out and the other candidates below.

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September Source Magazine street style

Brighton Source mag has once again hit the streets with one of my trend spotting pics inside, check it out if you are in Brighton. Its been a mouth since I started Fragmented Portraits my new Tumblr blog and I have already gained a few followers witch is nice. I have been uploaded new and old montage portraits to Fragmented Portraits. The beauty of this new blog is that the images are uploaded as PNGs which means that if you want to reblog them you will not get an ugly white border on Tumblr blogs that don’t have white backgrounds. But if Tumblr is not your thing you can still enjoy all the new images below and I will of course still be uploaded them to my Montage Portrait set on flickr.
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Local legends pictory show case

I have an image of my friend Dave in a new Pictroy show case called “Local Legends“. If you had to describe Dave in one word it would have to be legend. If you want to know why he is a legend check out the text that accompanies the image in the show case. You may recognise him as he appears in my Flickr stream multiple times.

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New Flickr home page images

Flickr have redesigned their landing page, they have selected a new set of images that are displayed at random when you go to their homepage. I am luckily enough to have two of my images included! To see the changes you have to log out of flickr as they are on the opening page. I had an image on the homepage before and it gave me quite a bit of exposure so it will be interesting to see what happens this time round.

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April trend spotting

The April issue of Brighton Source Magazine is out now which means it’s once again time to check out my street style section. At the moment the mag is only showing one of my montage shots as the street style section is one page so the only place to see all the shots is on my blog and my montage portrait flickr set.

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Montage portraits in the March issue of Source

The March issue of Brighton Source Magazine is out now which means it’s time to check out my street style section once again. The new issue has less pages so unfortunately some things have been cut including some record reviews and the street style extra sections. This means there will only be one street style image in the mag. For the foreseeable future the only place you will be able to see the other shots I have taken that month with be on my blog and my montage portrait flickr set.

If you want to try out this style of shooting yourself check out the chapter I wrote in my book Photo Op / 52 Photographic Projects about how to shoot your own montage portraits. You can download that chapter as a PDF here. If you want to get the other 51 chapters it might be a bit tricky as the UK version of the book is now out of print until May. Read more about how you might still be able to get hold of it in this blog post.

Below is the shot for the March Issue plus the unused images at a higher resolution than you will see them on Flickr and, depending on you screen size, maybe larger than they appear in the mag! Continue reading

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