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Smart Phone Photography Tips

This is an unabridged version of an article of phone photography tips I wrote for an in store magazine distributed by O2 in the UK. It came off the back of the video I made with O2 in 2012. I thought I would post it now before it goes out of date. I don’t really take photos on my phone anymore, even though I am an avid Instagram user (i’m @lomokev) I’ve been shooting with the Samsung NX 300 (review) and Olympus  OM-D E-M1 (review) that I can wirelessly transfer photos to smart phone for easy posting, wireless transfer is becoming a more common on newer cameras. I have also been taking it one step further with the Android powered Samsung Galaxy NX which you can post directly to the internet (review coming soon).

o2 guru article

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lomokev.com is two

Two years ago I posted my first blog post on lomokev.com, at the time I was worried that I would not have enough to write about but I have managed to post a blog post every eight and a bit days, not bad me thinks!

lane number

I have such a small amount of time these days that I find it hard to write everything I want to write about. I actually have 18 posts I currently want to write on some of the following subjects: Continue reading

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I have written a new book: Toy Cameras / Fantastic Plastic Cameras

After finishing my 2nd book on the 24th of March 2010 work started on Toy Cameras less than a month later. Toy Cameras was then finished in 4 months, just after I had the book launches for Photo Op! Because most toy cameras require good lighting conditions for shooting I shot most of the photos for the book in Sunny Barcelona and California (it’s a hard life). I had not used some of the cameras in the book before, so to make sure they there where the best examples of what the cameras can do in the book, there are photos from 42 other contributors. The book serves as a guide to what different toy cameras are good for are what there particular quirks are. You can read more about what the book is about here.

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New MiniClick talks for 2011

A new series of MiniClick talks have started at Add the Colour in Brighton. Last week it was Erika Szostak who gave a talk. Instead of just talking about her work she spoke about the relationship between the photographic image and accompanying text. It’s quite often that you see an image and it might not mean much until you know about it’s context. It’s quite common to see great images posted on flickr and tumbler with no explanation of what they are about and I find it really frustrating. When ever I upload images I always give the images titles, tags and most of the time I will add a description if its needed.

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Time lapse tutorial in DSLR magazine

In the last year and a half I have been getting into my time lapse photography as you can see from my time lapse set on flickr. I shot my frist time lapse of a sand castle being constructed on … Continue reading

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Olympus pen E-P1 review in DSLR user

UPDATE: I have now posted the full lengh review on this blog read it here. My review of the Olympus pen E-P1 is in the September issue of Digital SLR User. They wanted a fresh perspective on it, I am … Continue reading

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