Olympus pen E-P1 review in DSLR user

UPDATE: I have now posted the full lengh review on this blog read it here.

olympus pen E-P1 review

My review of the Olympus pen E-P1 is in the September issue of Digital SLR User. They wanted a fresh perspective on it, I am not really known for my work with digital cameras so they asked me for my opinion. It’s on the shelves in the UK now so go and check it out. On the subject of writing, my book is now back in print after the UK print run sold out in 5 months. You will soon be able to get signed copies from me again, just email me on lomokev@yahoo.co.uk if you are interested, they are £12.99 + shipping (£2.50 UK, £4 EUROPE, £7.96 for the rest of the world including the USA). You can also get them from good old amazon here.

You can see the photos I took with the Olympus pen E-P1 here

I will post an unabridged version of this review on this site at the end of the month so don’t forget to subscribe to this site’s RSS feed.

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  1. Looks good Kevin, congrats! I was reading it a couple of days ago. I also had featured photo in this issue, good times.

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