Snapshot Photobooth on Londons South Bank

lomoD.xx, DJ Bass, Eric Hands, Andrej Maier and Kevin Meredith

From left to right: Andrej Maier, Eric Hands, Tina Henderson, Me,  lomoD.xx and DJ Bass.

We all went along to hear Martin Parr speak at the South Bank center on Tuesday night. Before the talk we had some time to kill so we went for a little wonder along the Thames. I discovered the Snapshot Photobooth on Queens Walk (opposite Royal Festival Hall). It’s a flickr linked photo booth that uploads images as soon as it’s taken them (bit like my bike but not as cool). I think this shot is a fitting tribute to Martian parr’s Autoportrait work.

You can see the pictures it takes at the South Bank’s flickr steam and you can view our shot here.

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