lomokev.com is here!

Well sort of, I have been meaning to set up a proper website since about 2004 but it’s something that I have never got round to. Eventually this site will have FAQs about my photography, articles, how to’s, links to where else I am on the web and most importantly portfolios, but to start with its just going to be a blog.

I originally intended to get this up and running when my book came out in October 2008. I am now getting something up because loads of things worth blogging about have started to happen. For starters I am going to Martian Parr’s private view in Paris next week and I have been lent a Olympus Pen EP-1 to review which I will have with me in gay parrie. Unfortunately this blog was too late to mention the selling out of the UK print run of my book, getting on page 3 of the Argus, my solo exhibition, talking at the PDN Photographers Virtual Trade Show and my photos being used in a TV advert.

The visual styling of this site will change later when I add all of the content, but for now I am using the super clean wordpress theme by Derek Powazek called DePo Skinny.

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2 Responses to lomokev.com is here!

  1. Hi Kevin.
    I always say to my friends “dont create a blog if you dont have somenothing to tell”. In Your case, a lomokev blog was a must!

    Good look.

  2. smithology says:

    Cool – another place to stalk you. I will check back often.

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