Time lapse tutorial in DSLR magazine

In the last year and a half I have been getting into my time lapse photography as you can see from my time lapse set on flickr. I shot my frist time lapse of a sand castle being constructed on Wooacombe beach, its a bit rough around the edges because the exposure goes a bit wonky at one point. I also totally miss read the tide table and had to spend 5 hours on the beach while it went dark waiting for the tide to come in. It was a blessing in the end as you can see the villages lights come on and reflect in the wet send as the tide comes in.

Because of the experimenting I have been doing with time lapse, Digital SLR User magazine asked me to write a tutorial on shooting time lapses for there extreme issue. I managed to squeeze my acquired knowledge into 1000 words. I needed some behind the scenes shots of a time lapse being shot for the article, as I did not have any I shot this sequence on parliament bridge especially for the magazine. The magazine is on the shelves in the UK for a few more weeks so go check it out.

The music is buy Malcolm Goldie, Malcolm is a good friend of my who had this bit of music “laying around”. He changed the timing on the track just for the film so I could use it, what a nice chap you should all go over to his site and check it out. His Michelle Plays Ping Pong video is well worth checking out to.

One of the things that I did not mention in the article is that it helps you you have company as once the camera is set up there is not much to do! I would like to thank lomoD.xx who spent 2 hours with my on parliament bridge.

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3 Responses to Time lapse tutorial in DSLR magazine

  1. Stephen Matthews says:

    Hi, do a find and replace – frist – first.

  2. Nicolas aka Nisroch says:

    I totally agree about the company. It’s a must while waiting. Especially in Canadian Winter :D:D
    Nice blog by the way.

  3. Jonathan Dickens says:

    Glad yahoo posted a bit on beautiful timelapse video. Saw your piece & read your blog (hence). Realise I’m about 52 weeks late from purchasing the Digital SLR User Magazine with your article. Do you have any suggestions on how I can read said article. Also, I now live in the US so don’t have easy access to UK magazines.


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