Help the people of Haiti by purchasing Onè Respe from Mag CloudHelp the people of Haiti by purchasing Onè Respe from Mag Cloud

Do you want to help the people of Haiti without inflating Simon Cowell’s ego even bigger than it already is? Then you could purchase Onè Respe. It’s a photography magazine curated by photographer Lane Hartwell.

Lane stated putting a magazine together the day the quake struck. She contacted photographers who had shot in Haiti and got them to donate images of everyday Haitian life before the disaster. The result is a beautiful portrait of Haiti before it was devastated. Within 24 hours of Lane starting the project this magazine was on sale on Mag Cloud for $12. The full $12 will go to American Red Cross International Response Fund for Haiti relief because Hewlett Packard (Mag Cloud’s parent company) is paying for all the printing costs. It’s like you donating $12 dollars and getting a free photography magazine out of it. Mag Cloud is a print on demand service that allows anyone to design then start selling a magazine.

I know this post might seem a bit late but Haiti is still in a bit of a massive pickle and is going need an ongoing load of dough to put it back together again.

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