It’s all happening in Cardiff

It’s all going off in Cardiff, Photography wise that is. The Third Floor Gallery is opening in Cardiff with a new show by Peter Dench titled Love UK. The show is an exploration of what love is in the UK. I am sure its going to be a killer show you just need to check out some of his work to realize that.

The show opens at 7pm on February 12th and is on show till the 7th of march.

The Third Floor Gallery is a joint venture between Maciej Dakowicz and Joni Karanka. Maciej Dakowicz is a long time flickr friend of mine and is best know for documenting Cardiff at night. Joni Karanka also likes to shot Cardif at night and can be found on flickr here

Martin Parr is also opening a show in Cardiff at the same time. Martins new body of work “Working Men’s Clubs” will be on show at the Earlswood Working Men’s Club until March the 14th. You can find out more about this new body of work at Martin Parr’s Blog.

Above image by Martin Parr.

I was invited to go to both openings they just happened to be on two consecutive nights so it would have been a perfect excuse to take a trip to Wales but unfortunately I could not make it because of other commitments! If you live in that neck of the woods you need to spend the day in Cardiff and check out both these shows.

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