Hot Shots course article in the Independent

Chris Leadbeater wrote an article on Brighton and my Hot Shots course for last weekend’s Independent. Chris was going to join a weekend course but being a travel writer he was away when I was running one. Instead I gave him some one on one tuition for half a day to give him an idea what the course is all about and then let him loose for rest of his stay in Brighton with one of my Lomo LCAs. I think Chris really enjoyed himself but judge for yourself and check out the article at the Independent site.

Article Independent article

I now run my Hot Shots course every month in Brighton. September’s course is fully booked but there is room on the 30th October and 20th November courses. Check the Hot Shots course page for more details.

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  1. Clare Mansell says:

    Hey Kev, just read your first book which I LOVE. Ordered the second, found you on Flickr, then found this blog and now I’ve found out you run courses! 🙂 I work in Cyprus, but home in the UK is the south coast… and I’m totally coming on one of your courses when I’m next home!

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