Street Style montage portraits hit the streets again

Been super busy lately and have not posted here for a month. Lots to write about and not much time to write about it. Since last posting here I went to Phoot camp 2010, gave a talk at Google, visited Twitter and Photo Jojo HQ’s and what seems like a tonne of other stuff! But I am long overdue a blog post about my trend spotting as I have had two sets of portraits published in the Brighton Source magazine. While I am on the subject of my street style pics I am having a exhibition as part of the Brighton Photo fringe of my trend spotting pics which will take place at Behind Reto on Vine Street. Keep checking my blog, twitter or join my mailing list (right hand column) to get all the latest details for that and another show I am putting on over the festival.

Below is the August issue’s selection which include one of Irate (guy on left) who was the 1st person I ever shot in a montage style. Also worth checking out in that issue is the cover article about the Tesco / Starbucks / Big business take over of Brighton and how we should stop it. Well worth a read.

Below are the shots from the September issue which you can pick up from all the usually independent (not Tesco) outlets. Also worth checking out in this issue is the round up of all some of the great fry ups you can get in Brighton.

One question I get asked a lot is how do I take these. To me its pretty obvious as I’ve not changed how I have done it since the 1st time I shot one. Luckily I wrote an article in my new book about how to shoot your own montage portraits. You can download that chapter as a PDF here. If you want to get the other 51 chapters you can find out how here.

How time flies, I should have submitted my latest batch of montage portraits today! (Hopefully I won’t get fired by the editor of The Source!)

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