Brighton Calendar 2015

Since 2000 Nigel Swallow has put together a Calendar of Brighton and Hove photographs which has become a bit of Brighton institution.

Brighton Calendar 2015 cover - Lighting and the West Pier by Max Langran

Brighton Calendar 2015 cover – Lighting and the West Pier by Max Langran

The calendar is comprised of the work of local Brighton Photographers, this years calendar includes two little pictures from me and one from my wife @rockcake, it’s always nice to be a part of the calendar even if it’s just a small part.

kevin meredith and Sarah meredith brighton calendar photos

Mine (left) and my wife’s Sarah Meredith’s (right) photos in the 2015 Brighton Calendar.

After 14 years this is the last calendar Nigel is producing, I am sure I am not the only person to say this but Nigel has done a fantastic job of producing the calendar over the years, I am sad to see him stop. But fear not there will be a calendar next year as Nigel is leaving it in the capable hands of local photographer Finn Hopson. Finn recently opened his own gallery aptly named ‘Brighton Photography’ which I highly recommend you visit, it’s located on the sea front just west of the old West Pier.

Brighton photography gallery

Brighton Photography Gallery just west of the West Pier

The calendars are £6.99 and can be purchased online at here.

The can also be purchased in the flesh here:
Brighton Photography Gallery
52-53 Kings Road Arches
Lower Promenade

There are also stalls selling calendars and prints from the calendar, they are located in the Church Hill Square shopping centre near Natwest and outside Snoopers Paradise on Kensington Gardens.

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6 Responses to Brighton Calendar 2015

  1. Daz says:

    Don’t suppose you’ve got a spare 2015 calendar knocking around? My better half left it too late; everywhere’s sold out and she’s begun the new year kicking herself. Help!

  2. Kate Laird says:

    Me too!

  3. Es Hutson says:

    Me three?

  4. Laura Mitchell says:

    Very late to the party here.. Can I get one!?

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