Brighton Photography Book and Brighton 2012 calendar

Nigel Swallow the man behind the long running Brighton calendar has put together a huge book of Brighton Photos. It’s not just huge because of its 328 pages but also because its dimensions size 34cm x 24cm, the only thing that is not huge about is the price £24! The book has been 10 years in the making because Nigel kept him self busy running a gallery and putting together a calendar every year. Most of the work in the book is Nigel’s, the rest is contributed by 50+ other local photographers including me. Below is a flip though of the book that I put together.

Since 1990 Nigel has put together a Calendar comprised of images taken in and around Brighton and Hove, even though he has recently completed the Brighton book and become a father again he still managed to put together the 2012 calendar. The calendar is comprised of Nigel’s photos but although the man tries very hard, he can’t be everywhere all the time, so he also trawls Flickr and other sources for images to include. He has used my photos in the past and this year I have a two tiny images on the September and December spread, its always nice to be a part of it.

The book and calendar can be purchased form two stalls that Brighton Photography run one in the Church Hill shopping center and other outside Snoopers Paradise on Kensington Gardens. You can also get it on there web site at:

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