‘British Airways i360: How it was Built’ exhibition

An exhibition charting the construction of the British Airways i360 has opened at the British Airways i360. The British Airways i360 is the tallest, most slender moving observation tower in the world and was designed and built by the team responsible for the London Eye. Along with Photographer Gary Eastwood, I documented the construction of the i360 from June 2014 until it was completed in August 2016.

British Airways i360 spherical panorama by Kevin Meredith

360 spherical panorama of the i360 taken from Brighton beach during a low tide. This image is on display as a 2 meter square print, definitely worth checking out in the flesh even if I do say so myself!

Along with shooting on the beach site in Brighton I also traveled to Holland to see the fabrication of the tower and to Oxfordshire to see the cast iron work that went into recreating the West Pier toll booths.

Swan Foundry in Oxfordshire

Swan Foundry in Oxfordshire

Along with the photographs there is also a 2 year time-lapse I shot of the construction which I managed to condense down to just 6 minutes and 50 seconds. The time-lapse is currently not online so for now the exhibition is currently one of the only places you can see it.

The exhibition is free during spring, summer and autumn months. If it’s winter time or during bad weather the exhibition space is used as a boarding area so you will require an i360 ticket to view it at these times. It might occasionally be closed for private events so if you are making a special trip to Brighton to attend the exhibition it might be a good idea to contact the i360 to make sure it’s open although it’s definitely worth taking a trip up the tower!

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2 Responses to ‘British Airways i360: How it was Built’ exhibition

  1. Dave says:

    Can people obtain small prints of the brighton circular panorama

  2. Stephen Brown says:

    Is the spherical photo for sale?

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