The Double Exposure App ‘Dubble’ for the iPhone is Becoming Social

Since Dubble’s launch in October 2013 the team behind it have not rested on their laurels. The development team have been updating the app and boast that they’ve now Dubbled three quarters of a million images in their first four months.

double exposers images for Dubble app for iPhone / iOS app

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In case you did not read my original review of Dubble it’s an iOS app that randomly pairs your photo with another user’s photo to create a double exposed image. When first released it was a very stable app that did its core function very well, namely doubling your images with other people’s. I found it a little frustrating that when you found an image or user you liked there was no way to fav it; this has now changed with the addition of likes and other social features.

It’s super easy to add someone as a contact, although there is currently no feature that enables you to find people you may know from other platforms or your address book (I have been told that will be coming in a future update). You can of course find me on there as @lomokev. Just like on Instagram or Flickr, if you want to like an image you simply double tap it – always good to stick to conventions.

dubble iphone iOS app user interface

One thing that is missing is the ability to see what two images have made a Dubble, currently you have to check out the profiles of the photographers that made the image. I have been told by the the people at Dubble that that feature is on the horizon which will definitely be welcome.

You can now inspect images in more detail by holding your finger on an image to activate a zoom mode, once a higher resolution image has downloaded you can pinch to zoom. It was inevitable that sometimes you are not going to like the result of one of your images being combined with another user’s, this is not a problem as the app has always allowed you to delete a Dubble by swiping left on an image and pressing the trash can icon. Along with the trash can there are icons for saving to camera roll, social sharing and reporting inappropriate content, and there is now a new button for ‘delete and re-Dubble’. Usually an image is made into a Dubble when you first upload it and then after a longer period your image will be randomly paired with other images. Now though, using delete and re-Dubble, you can delete an image while at the same time requesting that it is Dubbled again. This feature is not new to the 1.2 release but has been added since my first review so worth a mention.

Dubble have made the great little app a little greater and I’m really interested in seeing how it will develop now that it’s more social and a little less serendipitous. At the moment it’s iOS only but I’ve been told by Adam Scott (one of the founders) that there will be an Android version sometime this year so hopefully Android users will be able to get in on the action soon. If you have not given it a go already I highly recommend you take a look, silhouettes work best!

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