Help needed identify santas from the Brighton Christmas day swim 2005

This is a bit of a long shot but do you know, or will be able to pass this on, to anyone who might know the identity of the three santas who took part in the 2005 Brighton Christmas Day swim?

christmass day swim - santa's getting ready

I have been contacted by an advertising agency that would like to use one of my images from the 2005 swim in a Christmas related commercial but I can’t go ahead without the permission of the santa in the photo below. I am willing to give a share of what I get paid to the main protagonist in the image if I manage to track them down and get their permission.

christmass day swim - charge

I have actually got a good track record of getting retrospective permission in the past. I have managed to track down people in photos that have been taken in Austria and Brooklyn so hopefully tracking down someone in my own town should be totally doable with a little help.

x-mass day swim - santa feeling the rush

If you have any tips on any of the identities of any of the santas please get in touch by your preferred method: email, phone: +44 (0) 7951479552 or Twitter @lomokev.

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