Last Hot Shots Course of the year

The last Hot Shots Course of the year will be on the 21st and the 28th November in Hastings. It’s been a blast teaching them, 7 in total this year with the first in January. Each time I teach it, it slightly changes for the better, I think after running it twice back to back in San Fransisco I have really got it refined now. There are few spots left for the Hastings workshop but it is limited to 8 so if you are interested mail me

Its been a great experience teaching it and I have already got three dates lined up at Grange Studios in Brighton for 2010. I am thinking about running Hot Shots in Manchester, London, New York, San Francisco, Madrid (or Barcelona) and Berlin. If you live in any of those places you can join my mailing list to find out when I am coming to your town, also if you e-mail me it will help me gauge potential interest.

The course has been drawing quite a lot of interest, as well as going international it also received a glowing 4 page review from Digital SLR user magazine!

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This is how Charlie Griffiths from DSLR User Summed up the course:
“I learned a hell of a lot from Lomokev and his Lomo LC-As. Wandering the streets of Brighton with a bunch of like-minded people, nattering about photography in-between taking pictures, was a fantastic way to spend a weekend – and my photography improved massively I think with Kev and the group’s help, I’ve finally got myself a pair of photographer’s eyes that see potential images everywhere. This is going to be fun.”

I have also been getting great feedback from attendees, check what these hot shooters have to say about the course:

“The Workshop was very well worth my 500 miles trip from Kassel to Brighton”
– topfloor

“Excellent course.  My photography improved a ton and I learned some new skills and techniques. I came away with some killer shots.  Would take this course again and wish you were coming back to the states sometime soon.”
– Wendy laurel

“I became aware of the photography of Kevin Meredith through his Hot Shots book and later, his flickr photo-stream. Kevin uses a photographer’s keen eye and a poet’s sensibility to create a wonderland of stunning imagery. Taking the Hot Shots workshop is the best thing I’ve done to improve my own photographic vision and creativity.”
– Rob LaRosa

“Hot Shots: The Photography Course was awesome, not only for the actual photography course, but for all the additional photoshop/lightroom help and flickr/file organization tips. As a photographer just starting out, this was the perfect course to help bring me up to speed. The money spent was well worth the knowledge and good times!”
– Joel Maxey

“The talk and the class have been a huge kick in the butt to both my inspiration and out put. I’ve been shooting like mad for no other apparent reason.”
– Lori Orson

“Hot Shots is a Fantstic course. I had loads of fun and learnt a lot too. The group was small and LomoKev ensured everyone got some individual attention.  The course has really helped me to think more creatively about my photography. Highly recommend.”
– Caroline Blake

If these testimonials have gone some way to convince you that the Hot Shots Course is worth doing you can out check future dates here of join my mailing list to be the first to find out when I am coming close to your town be e-mailing me on It just leaves me to say a big thank you to everyone who has attended Hot Shots in 2009 and hope there will many more in 2010 and beyond!

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One Response to Last Hot Shots Course of the year

  1. James K says:

    Thanks for the great course Kevin.

    I was looking for a course that helped improve my photography and that’s exactly what i got. Thanks to the advice and skills learnt I feel I am now approaching my photography from a whole different/exciting angle.

    To anyone thinking about taking the hot shots course….do it!

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