My upcoming talks in Brighton, Bath and Cardiff

I have given quite a few talks over the past 2 years, some to big groups and some to small. I always find it an enjoyable experience whether it has been at Google’s HQ or a local Camera Club. Because of this I am pleased to announce a set of talks in the upcoming months. These talks are not just me listing my achievements so far as a photographer but about my influences and my techniques in certain areas. I hope to see you at one of these talks if you can make it.

Photography by Lee Albrow

How to use Flickr: not the wrong way, not the right way but the Lomokev way

Add the Colour – Brighton – Thursday 17th March – 7pm – Facebook event page

There are many ways to use Flickr – it can be used to store your family photos and holiday snaps or you can use it to build networks for friends and to get more eyeballs on your creative photographs. I use Flickr in the later way and I want to show people what I think are the best practices and easiest ways of doing things in order to get you images viewed by more people.

Lomokev from casual snapper to published author, a tale of Flickr, shoes and serendipity.

Bath University – 29th March
3rd Floor Gallery – Cardiff – 30th March – 7pm – Facebook event page

This is the story of how I got to where I am today as a photographer, from my humble beginnings photographing rave parties in the late 90’s to being a published photography author. I will be giving the talk to all the years of the Visual Communication course (Graphic Design to the laymen). At Bath Uni which unfortunately means it’s not a public event. A short hop away from Bath is Cardiff where I am really proud to being giving a talk at the 3rd Floor Gallery. The gallery counts Maciej Dakowicz as one if its founders who became well know for his photographic work documenting Cardiff at night, so for me even if no one turns up and I just give the talk to Meciej it will be worth the trip to Wales!

My influences and other animals (Working title) – The Old Market – Brighton – 7th July – 7pm

I will be giving a talk at The Old Market Theater under the banner of the excellent Mini Click talks that are organized by Jim Stephenson (aka Click Click Jim). In this talk I will be speaking about my influences as a photographer which are quite varied as I did not do a Photography degree.

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4 Responses to My upcoming talks in Brighton, Bath and Cardiff

  1. This looks like a fantastic opportunity to get inspired from an evening talk with Kevin Meredith aka lomokev @ 3rd floor gallery, Cardiff South Wales… Can’t wait to find out more!

  2. Shame the Bath talk is students only. Cardiff is just too far away to justify the time and petrol. How about something in Bristol, Kev?

  3. @ Stuart Harragan. Cardiff is only 40 mins from Bristol, the biggest expense being the bridge.
    See you in Cardiff then Kevin.

  4. Ryan Preece says:

    Looking forward to this and hope I don’t end up getting too snowed under with work so I can attend. I lecture in Graphic communication in glam uni and lomography is constantly influencing my students. I reckon I can fill a couple of seats for you.

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