Phoot camp and the Booksmith


Photo by sgoralnick

Phoot Camp went really well, I met loads of really super talented photographers. Once I have a complete list of all their names and Urls, I will post them here. Still feel really jaded after only having 1 hour sleep before I left the UK and then having a 27 hour journey from my door to the camp site! The journey when tits up from the point I got to Heathrow. My plane’s takeoff was delayed by one and a half hours and then because of head winds and bad weather it got to Houston three and half hours late. I missed my connecting flight and then the flight after that because I was given someone else’s boarding pass. My original flight out of Houston was meant to leave at 2pm and I ended up getting out on the 7pm. I have managed to soldier though with four hours sleep a night, last night I got about five. This is why I look a little jaded in the above portrait.

Above photo by mona, eh

For some reason four of the Phoot campers including me thought it would be a good idea to stay one more night at the camp. This turned out not to be such a great idea as our camp was attacked by raccoons in the night, so not much sleep once again. I got back to San Fransisco at midday with only a few hours to get ready for my talk at the Booksmith. It went well apart from the when people asked complicated questions in the Q&A and I replied “I don’t know I’m tired”. Thanks to all who turned up and a big thanks to the Booksmith, Heather Champ and Derick Powsak for helping to organize the event.

If you missed the Booksmith signing and talk there is also going to be a 2nd book signing at Chronicle Books on Thursday the 15th of October at 6–8pm. There will be wine and nibbles too. It will be more of a meet the author low key type of affair.

Chronicle Books is at:
680 Second Street
San Fransisco
CA 94107

I am also running my photography course twice while I’m in town, once on Thursday 15th to Friday 16th of October and then Saturday 17th to Sunday 18th of October. The cost is $295 for 2 days. There is one place left on both, for more info on the course check the Hot Shots course page. If you think you might be interested email me or call me on my US cell phone: 832-818-6959

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3 Responses to Phoot camp and the Booksmith

  1. Jon says:

    I can sympathise with the sleep thing. Travel can be hard. But sounds like you’re making the most of it anyway and having a great time 🙂

  2. Lis says:

    I promise, you didn’t SOUND jaded over the weekend. 🙂

  3. panelomo says:

    dude, asia is waiting for you. 😉

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