Three recently acquired photo books by Maciej Dakowicz, Martin Parr and Sam Hiscox

In the past two months I have acquired three amazing photo books by Maciej Dakowicz, Martin Parr and Sam Hiscox that I like to tell the rest of the world about.

Daciej Dakowicz – Cardiff After Dark

Luckily for the Brighton MiniClick crowd Maciej’s eagerly awaited book Cardiff After Dark was launched at a MiniClick event during the Brighton Photo Fringe. I have been following Maciej’s work online for years. I’ve known that this book has been in the pipeline for a little while so it was great to finally see it in print. Cardiff After Dark documents the drinking culture of Cardiff, it’s on the extreme side of street photography. If you’re on the fence about this book just check out some of the images online here.

Maciej Dakowicz - Cardiff After Dark

Get Maciej Dakowicz’s Cardiff After Dark from Amazon UK and Amazon US

Martin Parr – Life’s a Beach

This book is simply breathtaking. I think it’s possibly one of my favourite books in my collection. The book comprises of Martin’s photographs documenting beaches all over the world from 1986 to the present day. If you know his work you will recognise some of the images from Common Sense and other projects. What makes this book so incredibly special is that all the photographs in it are real prints. To get an idea of how amazing it is check out this video of Martin talking about the project below.

On the back of all the images where it should say Fuji paper or Kodak it says “Photo by Martin Parr”; he had his own photo paper printed! That’s attention to detail. If you can’t afford the super special edition or could not get hold of one of these rare books fear not as a normal book version will be out in the new year. You can already pre order the normal book version on Amazon UK.


Get the super special photo album version of Life’s a Beach on Amazon UK and Amazon US.
Get the normal book version of Life’s a Beach from Amazon UK and Amazon US

Sam Hiscox – Partie Partie

In a similar vein to Maciej Dakowicz, Sam Hiscox documents the night life of a different town: Brighton, the place I call home. Sam shoots most of his work inside Brighton’s many late night venues instead of on the street. Brighton has a reputation of being a bit of a hedonistic town and this does nothing to dispel that myth. I have been following Sam’s Partie Partie blog for a while now. It was a real pleasant surprise when I found out that he had a made a limited edition Zine of the work. It’s printed on news print in black and white.

Sam Hiscox - Party Party Party

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  1. Phil Lake says:

    Thank’s Kev, now have all 3!

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