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I have had work published in magazines all over the world but this one is quite a coup for me. In the July (current) edition of National Geographic I have a picture published on page 36 with an article about the dangers of crossing the road in the US. National Geographic is well known for the high standard of photography so it was quite nice to get a photo shot on a Lomo LCA in there! National Geographic first contacted me in February of this year about the using the image. I don’t get excited about this type of thing until it actually happens and, because of the birth of Matilda, I actually completely forgot about it!

walking is un american

Look out for it, it’s in the issue with a skull on the front. Funny thing is I was not even going to upload the image to flickr! I was at home wondering what to post to Flickr when my wife suggested the cross walk image, I didn’t think there was anything particularly special about it. Must be something special about it as Lisa Båtsvik-Miller the designer of my new book used it on the UK front cover.

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