Color photo competition judged by Andy Ketch and me

Andy Keetch of Wired Sussex and I are judging a photographic competition for Silicon Beach Training. The theme of the competition is pretty simple: Color. That’s it. Interpret it how you will. You can see the submissions so far if you check out the competition’s Flickr group. For details on how to enter the competition and the terms and conditions, head over to Silicon Beach’s competition page on their site. The top prize is a two-day Freelance Photojournalism Course taught by Andrew Hasson in Brighton UK worth £245! While I am on the subject of photography courses I do run my own course called Hot Shots and currently have 3 up and coming dates.

organic strawberries on by lomokev rockcakes lost in london on flickr lomo hot air balloon plane poster on flickr blue floor on flickr Weather Project on flickr seductive monica asbo rockcake on flickr kenny is alive and well on flickr xPro laser action on flickr rainbow umbrella on flickr in line on flickr bus patten #1 on flickr brighton marina wall on flickr vienna sewer on flickr

If you need a little inspiration check out the above montage (Click on individual images to open a Flickr page). Also it’s worth checking out my Colors I See collection on Flickr and my Strong Colors Flickr set.

The competition closing date is Friday 16th July 5pm BST so get snapping / uploading!

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  1. Sophie says:

    i have just started A-level photography, and i didn’t really think i’d be any good at it, but now i’ve realised since starting a project inspired by your photomontage, i am starting to love photography, that i want to persue a career as being a photographer. Do you have any tips or advice?

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