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Lomography Petzval DSLR Lens hands on review

The Lomography Petzval lens is a relatively new lens inspired by the past but designed to work with modern Nikon and Canon Digital SLRs. It’s totally manual and the images it produces have a dream like quality to them which is down to the super shallow depth of field and circular bokeh (blurring). Anything in the centre of frame will be highlighted by the circular bokeh and blurring patten. The lens is the equivalent of an 85mm on a full frame camera (like any Canon 5D) and its maximum aperture is f/2.2.

shot with the petzval on a 5d Mrk iii by kevin meredith

shot with the petzval on a 5d Mrk iii by kevin meredith

The roots of this new lens lies in the original Petzval lens designed by Joseph Petzval in 1840, and although Lomography’s Petzval is technically a little different from the original, they’ve definitely nailed the 1840’s aesthetic. In August 2013 Lomography ran a successful Kickstater campaign to fund the manufacturing of a new version of the Petzval, they smashed their $100,000 funding goal 13 times over. After the Kickstarter backers receive their lenses Lomography are selling them to anyone who wants one.

Lomograpic petzval on Canon eos 5d Mrk-iii

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You learn something new everyday: I’m no press photogapher!

I have been shooting with the Canon Eos system for over tens years. Some of the controls on the Eos Canon system have remained pretty much the same since I have had one, my 1st was the 50e from 1996. This is why what I did last week was really stupid beyond belief.

I often think that I would love to be caught up in a major event just so I could record it with my camera. Last week this sort of happened, turned out it was not as major as it looked. It all started when a fleet of 12 police vehicles pulled up outside my office and then an army of police officers jumped out. They were in full riot gear complete with battering rams and crowbars. I instinctively picked up my camera and headed for the door to join the throng of police offices as they headed to the doors of the old Taj supermarket.

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