The magic of content aware fill in Photoshop CS5

Adobe made a set of announcements yesterday (April 12th) about there Creative Suite software. The most interesting part of that announcement is that Photoshop CS5 is going to be more magic than software because of the inclusion of something called content aware fill. Basically it will make it child’s play to remove unwanted elements from an image. I don’t really shout about the Photoshopping that I do to my images, for the most part I just remove dust and scratches and do a small amount of color correction. Sometimes I will tweak the composition slightly to get it perfect buy moving things around and cropping. I believe as long as you can’t tell its photoshopped then its all good. Content aware fill is going to make that job a whole lot easier! Check out how it works:

Most people would not associate me with the use of Photoshop but below are a few examples where I have slightly tweaked things in the past but using the heal and clone tools. I can’t wait to get CS5 as there are lots of images in my library that I think I can make grate using Content aware fill. Click on the images below if you want to check them out on flickr.

I cropped the image of the girl to remove some distracting elements if I had CS5 maybe I could magic-ed that stuff away with out having to crop the image?

Because the lomo LCA’s far from perfect view finder I managed miss some of the handle out of this image. By copying and pasting and blending I managed to make the top slice of the image.

The way that one of the cops head interested the diagonal line bothered me so I shrank him a bit.

When I took this image I was waiting for just one cycelest to be in between the 2 parts of the pier and when it did happen there was a 2nd guy. Using parts from an other photo taken from the same view point I removied him, be intresting to see what content aware fill could do here.

The Idea of content aware fill is not new as Photoshop has content aware scale in CS4 and it was available as a 3rd party plugin for CS3. Gimp has had content aware fill for some time in the shape of a plug-in called resynthesizer. I remember going crazy for this youtube video showing content aware scale when it 1st surfaced in 2007.

As with everything its made it way to the iPhone. Never has the slogan “There’s an App for Everything” been more true as there is now an iPhone app that lets you content aware scale, its called Liquid Scale check it out.

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3 Responses to The magic of content aware fill in Photoshop CS5

  1. Lis says:

    I am looking forward to it. There’s so many minor things that can really make an image perfect.

  2. Taff says:

    Nice post boyo.

    That is an amazing feature, my jaw dropped when I saw him remove the road and then fill in the spaces on the final edit.

  3. hjhndr says:

    Regarding “…and it was available as a 3rd party plugin for CS3” – do you (or any other reader here?) have the name of that plugin? Thanks.

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