Three interviews with Panthalassa, Pleece & Co and Lomography

You know what they say interviews can be a bit like buses no one wants to talk for ages then suddenly three Interviewers rock up all at the same time. In the last month I’ve had three interviews published in three different places each focusing on something different.

Three interviews with Kevin Meredith

Pleece & Co – What’s Your Story

First up was an interview I did for Pleece & Co who are a local Brighton Design agency they interviewed me for their monthly blog “What’s your story”. Their interview series focuses on local people and tells their story. In mine I tell the story of how I became a photographer. Usually online interviews are done from a distance but what was nice about this one was that David Rowswell from Pleece & Co took my portrait on the beach and then came to my office to shoot me and what interested him. You can read the interview and see the pictures that Dave took here.

Kevin Meredith in his office by David Rowswell

Me in my office – proving the point I much better behind a camera that in front of it – by David Rowswell

Panthalassa – Brighton Swimming Club

Panthalassa is website that focuses on art and culture’s relationship with the oceans. They interviewed me about my work documenting Brighton Swimming Club. You can read the interview here.

Brighton Swimming Club - By Kevin Meredith

Brighton Swimming Club – By Kevin Meredith

Lomography 25 years of the Lomo LCA interviews

The LCA is the camera that got my photography noticed (see a selection of Lomo pictures here). This is a bit of an odd one as I am sure the Lomo LCA was realised in the USSR in 1984 but maybe Lomography is going from the date they started distributing them? Anyway in the article they interview four “lomogaphers” about the first experience shooting with the LCA. Mine was so long ago it was hard to remember but I talk about some early experiences around the year 2000. I also included some very very old photos shot on the LCA. You read the interviews here.

Picture taken with the lomo LCA in 2000 by Kevin Meredith

Picture taken with the lomo LCA in 2000 by Kevin Meredith


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