The Brighton Experience

The good people that used to run the North Lane photography gallery have not been resting on their laurels since they gave up their gallery. Last Christmas they launched  The Brighton Photography Book made up of pictures from the last ten years of the brighton calendar. Now they have set up a pop up exhibition in the old Virgin Maga store in Brighton’s Churchill Shopping centre.

Displayed in the Brighton experience is every page of the book printed at twice the normal size. It’s not just the book on show, there is a huge screen showing different short films shot around brighton including some of my films / time lapses. There is also a wishing a tree in the exhibition where the people are invited to write their Brighton related wishes and hang them, it currently has over 1,000 wishes hanging from it. There is also video of people talking about their most memorable Brighton experiences.

The Brighton experience is open every day until Sunday the 27th of May.

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3 Responses to The Brighton Experience

  1. Mateus says:

    Hey Kev, just read your first book which I LOVE. Ordered the second, found you on Flickr, then found this blog and now I’ve found out you run coruess! I work in Cyprus, but home in the UK is the south coast and I’m totally coming on one of your coruess when I’m next home!

  2. Hickory says:

    North Laine, not North Lane.

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