December Source trend spotting pictures

The next issue of Brighton Source won’t be out until February, you should still be able to catch the December/January issue in and around Brighton if you’re lucky. I still have to shoot some portraits for the new issue so if you knocking around Brighton doing your sales shopping after the January 1st then best make sure you are looking trendy as I might be approaching you.

If you want to try out this style of shooting yourself check out the article I wrote in my book Photo Op / 52 Photographic Projects about how to shoot your own montage portraits. You can download that chapter as a PDF here. If you want to get the other 51 chapters you can find out how here.

Below are all of the shots for the December Issue Plus the unused images at a higher resolution than you will see them on flickr and depending on you screen size possibly  larger than they appear in the mag!

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  1. melissa says:

    I am an art consultant for a small gelly in Florida and I hae a client that is interested in one of your prints and I was wondering if you could either sell me the digital file for a one time print or sell me a print of the photo. I just need a poster print of an image of yours that is of a boardwalk from the ground up with people walking all around that you hae on flickr. I tried to find it on your moocard page but it wasn’t there…Please email or call me back as soon as possible. Thank you for your time.


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