Family Meredith does the 10 Seconds Project

My Family and I recently submitted to Alma Haser’s Ten Seconds Project (as of 2014 website no longer active). The project is based around the childhood game of hide and seek. Participants hide in front of two cameras, one with a 10 second timer and the second shooting video, the idea is to capture a photograph / video of yourself hiding in plain view like a child. Anyone can submit to the Ten Seconds Project, it’s pretty simple and you can read all the rules here. Because the Project is based around childhood it seemed a good idea to get my three year old daughter Matilda involved.

Submissions to The Ten Second project can be viewed on the project’s website. To get a real taste of how creative some people are getting with it take a look at some of  my favorite submissions from: Monique van der Steen, Torsten Schumann, Curtis James and Anja Pauli.

I first herd about the Ten Seconds Project at Alma Haser’s MiniClick talk in April 2013. As part of MiniClick speakers are setting mini projects called Mission MiniClicks. You can see my submission to the Ten Seconds Project / Mission MiniClick below.

Kevin & Matilda 10 Second Project

Kevin & Matilda 10 Seconds Project

Matilda 10 Second Project

Matilda 10 Seconds Project

Sarah Meredith 10 Second Project

Sarah Meredith (Rockcakes) 10 Seconds Project

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  1. Red Mutha says:

    matilda’s was super sweet x

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