Family Portraits With A Difference

The montage portraits I shoot are not just reserved for my trend spotting antics. I also shoot them of friends and family but most of the time it is reserved for the Street Style section of Brighton Source Magazine. Recently I was commission to shoot a set of family portraits using the technique, it’s kind of switch as usually it’s me approaching other people on the street to get their portrait not the other way around.

family montage portraits

Mum, Dad, Daughter and Cousins all got in on the montage portrait action.

Naomi had first seen my montage portraits at an open house exhibition in 2010 and in October of this year she attended one of my photography workshops. We discussed the idea of shooting a set of family portraits with a difference and Naomi suggested using my montage style. It was a fun little shoot, although I am not used to the subjects of my montage portraits moving around so much.

The portraits are all shot on film using my Lomo LCA, each one consists of 5 images. Once the film is scanned the montages are manually put together in Photoshop (there is no magic button to align them). Once finished I would usually send the digital files to Source and put them on my street style blog. When I’m commissioned to shoot I print the individual images out and make the montage physically which will then be framed in a 50cm x 40cm frame.

If you’re interested in getting your own montage portrait commissioned get in touch. They cost £110 per portrait, for that you will receive the a framed version of your montage made from five 6”x4” prints.  Below are some more examples of family / wedding montage portraits I have shot in the past.

children montage portrait

This was a little experiment that worked out quite nicely.

mother and child montage portrait

Left: Myfanwy and Tabs
Right: Sarah and Matilda

Zoe and Patt on their wedding day

Zoe and Patt on their wedding day

married couple montage portrait lisa and alex bamford

Lisa and Alex Bamford on their wedding day

putting physical montage portraits together

When I print up physical montage portraits they are designed in Photoshop then made of individual 6″x4″ prints

Framed montage portraits

Framed montage portraits

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