Joachim Schmid Is Martin Parr and vice versa

Joachim Schmid Is Martin Parr

The photo on the left is by Stuart Mackenzie.

I recently got a photograph published “Joachim Schmid Is Martin Parr – Martin Parr Is Joachim Schmid”. It’s an interesting little book project where Joachim Schmid went to the Berlin Art Forum with Martin Parr’s pass and took photos in Parr’s style. The second half of the book are photos picked from the Martin Parr WE ♥ U picked by Parr him self. The resulting book is great selection of photographs that could of been shot by Parr himself.

You can preview the entire book and buy it from here.

snowy swim #4

The photo of mine that is published in there is one of my snowy swimmer pics from 2007. You can see more of my snowy swimmer pictures in my snowy swimmers flickr set, seeing as there was a lot of snow in the past month I have added quite a bit to that set lately.

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2 Responses to Joachim Schmid Is Martin Parr and vice versa

  1. Emma Bryant says:

    Congratulations, kevin. Big fan of your work. Your hotshots book has a place on my bookshelf. Really helped me being a lot more confident with my LC-A. Really enjoyed your pics at phoot camp too. Here’s to a great 2010!

  2. James K says:

    nice shot and congrats.

    love the sunburn shot on the opposite page too – chavtastic!

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