Lomographic Spinner 360° hits the streets!

With Apple announcing iPhone 4 and Adobe Releasing Lightroom 3 it’s been an exciting week for the photo / geek crowd. If that was not enough, Lomography stepped up to the plate and bought out the Spinner 360°. I have not been this excited about a Lomography product since the release of the lomo LC-A+ Instant Back 3 months ago! Spinner 360° takes 360° panoramic shots, you pull a pull string and when you let go the camera spins 360° taking a panoramic shot that covers the length of 6 negatives. Can’t wait to run a film through mine but I think I am going to have to wait till the sun comes out again!

I will post a full review of this marvelous  spinning machine as soon as I have used it a bit. I also have to post a review of the Lomo LCA Instant Back at some point. And maybe it’s a bit late for this but I should drop a review of the Samsung NX-10 as I had my grubby mitts on one of them before they were out. It’s a bit late for the Samsung review but at least if I wrote it now the camera will be more affordable and easier to get hold of.

I was able to attend one of the Spinner 360° launch events at the Lomography store, London (see video below). It was suitably bonkers, the highlight of the night was the “spin off” where the crowd all spin together to see who could spin the longest. I said to Mr lomothis is really silly, someone is going to smash into the decks“. Guess which person stacked it into the decks? Me. Check the 2nd video to see the spin off. You don’t see my fall but you do see the aftermath!

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2 Responses to Lomographic Spinner 360° hits the streets!

  1. Nikka XxX says:

    I´m here. We are connecting now! 😀

    Great blog!

    I´m lomo blogger, too 😉

    Big kisses!

    **everybody very exciting with 360** :O


  2. Arty Smokes says:

    That spin-off was insane. I think the winner must have had ballet training. I was quite impressed with your swiveling though. I would have stacked it after one glass of wine.

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