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Johnny Mørup wrote a piece on me and my use of film and Lomo cameras, the article is in the Danish paper Børsen which I am told is the Danish equivalent of the UK FT. I think it says nice things but I don’t understand Danish so can’t tell. If you want you can download the PDF of the article and give it a little read, that is if you speak Danish.

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  1. Geir says:

    Google translation:
    Despite the digital development has opened up infinite possibilities for the photograph, then old-fashioned film cameras obtained a true comeback. This applies to the Russian plastic Cameras – Lomo – which is been cultivated by the very young at home for several years and the somewhat more expensive spejlrefl ekskameraer, used by older photo enthusiasts.
    Børsen Weekend is taken down in photo dealer Photografi about the internal Copenhagen to find out whether the popularity reflected in sales. The windows appear to Skindergade is
    exhibited historic cameras from the start, middle and end of last century together with brand new models. But according to store employees collect the antique cameras except dust in a corner.
    More and more customers leave the store with an analog film camera in hand. Cult camera among the young “There is an increase in sales, we can completely safe mark. We are the only ones that sell analog cameras and Lomo cameras area and there are many who demand the sort. Lomo cult is among the young girls and smart boys, while the Typically, the earlier photo enthusiasts who buy analog devices, which are considerably more expensive than Lomo, “says Daniel Madsen, who is sales assistant in the shop. He explains that the Lomo camera – a in fact right primitive camera – still popular among the ‘young girls and smart boys “, although it gradually are four or five years ago that the trend
    poured into the country. “It’s a pretty bad camera, clean technically. But when people see an image taken with a Lomo camera, so perceive they automatically and uncritically as
    art – even if it really is a bad image. It rattled expression the image end up having is something which many young people think is better fat, “says sales assistant. One of those photo enthusiasts who can not get enough of old-fashioned fi lmkameraer and Lomo cameras in particular, Kevin Meredith. He is a hobby photographer and is been known in England for its peculiar images, most of them shot at a Lomo- camera. Education Lomo expert He teaches Lomo-photograph in his home town Brighton and has published two books
    on the subject. “I am really fanatically Lomo user and I love the edge and charm as I get out of the camera every time. At the same camera can be pocket, so it’s convenient to you just can shoot from the hip when you want. Moreover, there is an expectation meaning joy to shoot on film. There is nothing so lovely as to receive the images evoked
    and see results, “said Kevin Meredith. He can feel the influx of students to its photo courses that photography has become more popular among so-called ‘Ordinary’ people.
    “I remember when I bought my first Lomo camera 12 years ago, I was the only one among my circle of friends with a camera on me. Now many of my friends and a lot of other people
    a digital camera spejlrefl example, a mass have a cheap digital camera and a mass shoot photos on their phones, so general photography has become more popular
    and accessible because of the digital format. So all in all, these ‘general ‘People introduced to a photograph, which is super fat, “says Kevin Meredith and believes that many of new hobby photographers are attracted of the analog fi lmkamera because it is easier to achieve an optimal result. “The analogue film camera is easier for people who do not know anything preferably about image editing. If they have a digital camera, take the typical images they think looks flat and dull looking. But with a film camera are getting the images that are more warm and alive, because a good film roll can capture a wider spectrum light / dark than a digital sensor can. I think the aesthetics of film attracts
    many because it is unique, “says Kevin Meredith. Analog cameras will survive Neither the Danish photo sells Photografi ca or the English hobby photographer believe that the digital evolution will eradicate the old-fashioned film format. “We live in 2010, and digital cameras was price-accessible to the general public 10 years ago, and yet
    people go crazy over both the analogue camera and Lomo camera. It is a little bizarre, but confirms that it probably to survive, although it will have a narrower
    share of the market for enthusiasts who myself, “said Kevin Meredith. “That is what I always say. It is a delight for those who know about it. Therefore I do not believe that film photography one will die because there will always be a demand on it, “says Daniel Madsen.

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