lomokev unlocked by O2 over a weekend

I recently spent the weekend with a film crew from O2’s Guru YouTube channel. They are making a set of films about different creative people and how mobile technology fits into there life. I am the second person they shot, the first was trainer designer / customizer Daniel Reese, check out his film here. They filmed me as I documented an average weekend in Brighton which culminating in me putting up a photo montage on a beach hut. If what goes on on the video looks fun to you, you might want to check out one of my weekend photography courses so you can join the fun.

By the end of the weekend I shot a hell of a lot of images on a Lomo LCA, 5D, Olympus Mju ii, Nikonos V and of course an iPhone. At 5pm on Sunday afternoon I started sticking photos on the side of a beach hut in Hove. The montage I made was 1.8 by 1.8 meters and had about 200 photos in it, once completed I said a little peace to camera and it was ripped it down. I was happy with the finished result so I recreated it digitally as best I could going from stills of the video. Check out the montage below, you can zoom in to it like you would with google maps so you can see all the details.

Lets be clear this was not an average weekend in my life because we where starting at 6:30am to get to the swimming club in plenty of time and finishing shooting at 10pm. I love photography but I don’t think I could do it like this every weekend. It was a lot of fun and the guys from O2 where a blast.

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16 Responses to lomokev unlocked by O2 over a weekend

  1. Kevin, this is an amazing video. so cool and captures you so well. You must be really proud!

    Hope you don’t mind if i share it.

    all the best mate


  2. Martin says:

    I love your photos and ive been following you along time it would been fun if you would come to copenhagen or malmo basiclly it almost the same city, would love to go on one of your photo ops, cheers!

    • lomokev says:

      Show how rubbish my geography is. When I first read your comment I thought Copenhagen was in Germany. I thought why don’t you just come to Munich, Luckily I looked it up and found out you would have to further than I would. To make a course viable I need six people to come, do you think any of you friends would be interested? Are they any local groups that might help to promote it?

  3. andy says:

    great video and a reminder of the great times had on a hot shots course

  4. Martin says:

    Hmm i dunno actually can’t give you an answear right now, but i think their is certainly an intrest for you to come. Maybe do a check of intrest on facebook and flickr if their is people that would want to attend to one off your photo ops which i think their is. I would think copenhagen is the best place to make it happend beacase the town is much bigger and more people.
    Malmo is in Sweden and Copenhagen is in Denmark but the city’s is connected by a bridge so it only takes 15min to get to downtown malmo or vice versa.

  5. fozbaca says:

    What case were you using on the iPhone in the water and would you recommend it?

    • lomokev says:

      Sorry for talking so long to get back to you. It’s called the “Thumbs Up Aqua Phone Case” it’s only £10.89 on Amazon here. It kept the phone dry but the touch screen was not as responsive through the rubber as it should of been so it was a little frustrating. That said it’s definitely worth £11 if you only using it infrequently.

  6. Geppetto says:

    Great job!!!!!!!!!
    Did you made this montage with Photoshop?
    Or is there any automatic program to make a montage??
    Please let me know! :)))

    • lomokev says:

      I did in Adobe InDesign but I processed the images before hand in Adobe Lightroom. You could do with Photoshop but it would mean having a file the is 20,000 pixels by 20,000 pixels with 200 layers would it would be a little slow! The images where all placed manually there is not magic button to press to do this.

    • Geppetto says:

      Thank you so much! ;)))

  7. rappensuncle says:

    How enjoyable was that 4:23?! Freeking awesome!! Brighton looks like a very fun place to shoot and hang out. Thanks for all the cool ideas and way-abouts.

  8. evita says:


  9. Luis says:

    wow,amazing video and great work!

  10. Henry Law says:

    Copenhagen is in Denmark and Malmö is just across the water in Sweden and there is a massive bridge and tunnel joining the two countries across the Öresund. But having got there you could take a trip to Göteborg too and do a course here. And there is an across-the-Öresund swim in September organised by Helsingborg swimming club.

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