My MiniClick talk in full + future talks lomokev related and otherwise

Jim Stephenson has put my 76 minute MiniClick talk on-line for your viewing pleasure. The talk is about the photographers that I find interesting and inspirational. I spoke about a mix of photographers from people I know to famous shooters from the past and present. If you want to discover more from any of the photographers work mentioned I’ve put links to all of them in this blog post.

While on the subject of talks there are loads of MiniClick related talks coming up and I will be speaking at the Margate photography festival in mid August. More details below.

On the 4th of August there will be a MiniClick talk by the Human Endeavor collective at the Old Market. More info on Jim’s site here. If you think you are coming you can mark  yourself as attending on this Facebook event page.

On the morning 13th of August I will be giving my talk “lomokev from casual snapper to published author and beyond – a tale of Flickr, shoes and serendipity” at the Margate photo festival. You can get tickets (£3) for that on the Margate Photo Festival site here.

In celebration of MiniClick being one year old MiniClick is going to host two discussion panels. The first will be in Brighton on the 21st of September at the Old Market, Brighton. The panel will me made up of: Laura Pannack, Hin Chua, Nick Ballon, Maja Daniels, Ben Roberts and Jason Larkin. A London event will be on the 29th of September at the Slaughter House in Hoxton and that panel will be made up of: Lisa Barnard, Ewen Spencer, Luca Sage and Simon Norfolk. You can get more details on Brighton event at Jim’s site here and the London event here.

Hope that enough to keep your diaries full!

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  1. Great for all those unable to attend

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