StickyGram review – Turn your Instagram photos into magnets

StickyGram enables you to turn your Instagram images in to sets of nine 5cm by 5cm magnets. That’s a decent little size because at 5cm wide your older 600 pixel wide Instagram images will print a 300 dpi so there is no compromise on quality.

The website is quick super, with in three minutes of typing the I had linked to my Instagram account and put my order together. The shipping is also super fast, I made my order at 4pm on Tuesday and it was delivered by Thursday Lunch time, that’s pretty impressive considering the shipping is free worldwide. Each set of nine magnets will set you back $14. If you use this code FRIENDJ2L5 on your first order you will get $2 off, I will also get credited $2 so if enough people get some I’ll get some free magnets! Once you have made your first order you will get a referral code to so you’ll get rewarded for encouraging your friends to order.

my stickygram magnets on the office fridge

My Stickygrams in situ on the office fridge

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2 Responses to StickyGram review – Turn your Instagram photos into magnets

  1. We are giving away 2 Stickygram promo codes on our blog for 2 lucky winners so they can turn their photos into magnets.
    I leave the link in case someone wants to participate!
    Cheers & Thanks!

  2. Will says:

    StickyGram seem pretty cool, I am thinking about giving it a go sometime. I got introduced to them when they blogged about me last month which was pretty awesome.

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