Strange Light a very special magazine

Strange Light

This fantastic 40 page magazine landed on my door mat today, well that is a lie I was handed it on my way out by the DHL man. Strange Light was curated in 48 hours buy one Derek Powazek after he found him self amazed buy all the incredible images coming out of Sydney’s recent dust storm. The magazine is published by Mag Cloud and is printed on demand, get yours here. Anyone can publish a magazine with the help of Mag Cloud. The service allows you to design then up load you own magazine and offer it for sail, very clever stuff. And guess what as well as being a grate curator Derek also helped HP set up the Mag Cloud in the 1st place, what a clever chap! You can read about how he went about putting it together in 48 hours on his blog here.

Derek Powazek is a friend and I look forward to seeing him in San Francisco in a few days! Derick and his good wife Heather Champ also wrote the forward to my book Hot Shots. I will be having a signing for Hot Shots and giving a talk in San Francisco on Monday the 12th of October. I am up to quite a bit while I am in San Francisco including running my photo workshops on Thursday 15th to Friday 16th and Saturday 17th to Sunday 18th of October Click here for more info.

The images in the above magazine spread are:
Left: Dusty Dawn buy Mathew Sacco
Top right: Untitled by: Mark Pinto
Bottom right: The Haven, Terrigal by Mike Hartz

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  1. elbeardo says:

    Hi Kev, amazing pics of sydney… will check out the magazine! Thanks heaps for the Hot Shots book I received a few weeks ago, it’s a fantastic book and very accessible, especially for someone like myself… self taught and not up with all the technical photography terms yet! Have shown it to a few budding photographer friends and they love it too… expect another order from me soon!

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