Three years of Yay!

what noise dose a cow make? celebrates three years of being in business this year! Well Done Moo! Last night I was at the London party to celibate this and much fun was had buy all.

For those of you that don’t know Moo sells business cards, mini cards, stickers and a whole range of other card type product with your images on them. What makes moo products so special is that if you order 90 mini cards you can have a different image on every card. There web site makes it super easy to upload images thanks to the fact that you can get it to take your images from your facebook, flickr accounts and other web sites.

Best of all because I am a moo designer you can order moo products with my images on them from my designer page.

Above images of me at the moo party by Richard Moross (the moo CEO) and Clive Flint.

If I see you in San Fransisco next month I might even give you one on my moo cards. Click here for more details on my San Fransisco plans.

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